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6 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Trend Ruling in 2016

| August 12th, 2022 | 2105 Views


Below are search engine optimization trends that will be ruling in upcoming years –

  • SEO vs. Content Marketing
  • Mobile SEO
  • Citation Link Building
  • Social Signals
  • Building Relationship
  • Need to be Integrated (SEO, SMO, Content Marketing)
  1. SEO vs. Content Marketing

Over the past years, the most buzzing terms SEO and content marketing were often used interchangeably. Nevertheless, In 2016, SEO will gradually more be seen as on all sides of the technical components of online marketing. SEO services will always be an important subset of content marketing, keyword research, Meta tags, indexing issues, and penalty recovery, while content marketing will be the key essential factor for search engine rankings. In order to run your business successfully; you need to focus on creating and promoting high-quality content.

  1. Mobile SEO

According to statics, 80% internet user has a smartphone and they search for any information on the web through using a mobile device. So if your website is not mobile-friendly it makes your user feel bad experience which is not good for your website health. Recently Google rolled out an important update regarding mobile SEO and emphasized website owner to make their website mobile friendly and also declare it as the strong signal of SEO rankings.

  1. Citation Link Building

Most of the SEOs build too many links by violating Google guidance in order to achieve rankings quickly. This is the reason that Google emphasis on citation link building with brand mentioned which reduces the chances of manipulation for the point of getting rank higher so in 2016 we will see brand mentions, citation and no follow links and these links are turning to be as valuable as do follow links.

  1. Social Signals

As Google recently Google announced Google+ will no longer be requirements to access Google services and will become an optional service. So hopefully Now Google will start having accentuation on other social signals from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. In 2016, It looks like Social Signal will become a key factor in the rankings algorithm.

  1. Building Relationship

Every day, a large amount of content being produced and distributed, so only concentrating on content creation and optimization is just not enough in order to achieve the goal. Now marketers are understandable that business will be standing out who able to humanize their brand or in another way that business will be more successful who turn his strategy towards building a relationship, reaching out to influencers and attractive on a social media platform. I trust this will be an important factor in 2015.

  1. Need to be Integrated (SEO, SMO, Content Marketing)

SEO is not dead, it has just become more challenging than ever and Now SEO will not be a separate part of content marketing, social signals and other. If you are a professional SEO services specialist then you need to be completely integrated with content creation & promotion, a social signal in order to be successful in internet marketing.

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