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AdWords Dynamic Structured Snippets

| August 17th, 2022 | 1390 Views

AdWords has recently come up with “Dynamic structured snippets“. However, many of us, are wondering where lies its benefit and values? This new feature will automatically add text to your search adverts, highlighting industry-specific, structured information related to your company products or services.

Whether you are selling flowers or SEO services, this new feature will enable potential customers to get a better idea as to what to expect on your website before they even click on your ad!

It is totally up to AdWords to determine if and when these snippets will show up and what exactly will be out there.

Generally, companies consider several factors when determining whether automated extensions will appear with ads or not, including whether other extensions are also eligible to appear with these ads. Dynamic structured snippets usually will not impact whether other extensions appear with an advert. However, if another extension showing with an ad starts performing better than your structured snippets, these will be more likely to appear in your ad!

To note, not all automatic extensions are bad. For example, many would support me that seller ratings, consumer ratings, and social extensions are simply wonderful. However, they are concerned about connecting and integrating the already existing information from third parties rather than inventing them.

According to the AdWords team, automated extensions typically boost the average performance of an ad and are also a factor in Ad Rank.

In typical Google form, the feature is only rolling out to retail searches, hotel searches, and flight searches with chances of impacting a considerable amount of advertisers. Google has informed its plan to open the feature to more searches later this year.