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Google Adwords: Comparison Between Search Campaign or Display Campaign

| March 3rd, 2021 | 1248 Views

Search Campaign or Display Campaign

There is often a confusion regarding enabling of Adwords either on the Content Network also known as the Display Network or the Search network. However, it is just many of the different other options. There is a slight difference as search network is the term that likely comes to mind when one thinks of Adwords. It is easier think search network as search engines. There are many examples of search partners. The Ads are targeted based on the search keyword users selected during queries. As far as the search network is concerned only text ads can be run on it. On the other hand display network has a giant network of Adsense enabled websites. Thus, the ads appearing while you are watching videos on the internet or reading online newspapers are the Display Network ads.  Here is a comparison between the two.

Using the Search Network

One of the most common forms of PPC advertising services is running advertisements on this network. With such a selection of network, the ads have the eligibility for appearing on the search engine’s SERPs. If one is looking forward to the expansion of reach the targeting has to be extended for including search partners. This is, in fact, the group that comprises search engines that are smaller. It is quite effective incredibly because active searcher is targeted here. Here is where the search network campaigns can be run.

  • Selling “emergency product”: If the service or product that is being offered by your end satisfy the criterion of the “when needed” then this network is perfect. People looking for electricians, locksmiths or plumbers may find it feasible if the ads are on the network. Thus, it is more than imperative that your ad instantly appears when searchers are in dire need of looking for them.
  • When working on a restricted budget: when you have a limited budget it is recommended to start with the search network. This helps in directing direct conversions thus making it easier for justifying and measuring the PPC efforts.

Using The Display Network

With the PPC Packages, the search engines offer opportunity advertisers for placing ads on a variety of sites throughout the internet. The collection of sites may range from new sites to blogs and many other video playing platforms. Here is when the DN campaign can be run.

  • Familiarizing people with the brand: It is extensively used for promoting the awareness of the brand since it is quite expansive. The connection with the audiences becomes easier.
  • If the sales process is lengthy: The DN is used for selling services and products that consumers may not immediately purchase however you have to ensure that it stays in at the top of their considerations. This is the concept of remarketing that is used under this network.

A Strategy of Dual Network

With both the networking campaigns discussed in detail, it can be deduced that both are effective and benefits can be derived from both. However, for truly reaping the advantages running campaigns on both can be effective as and when the budget permits. With diligence, each of them must be broken into network-specific separate campaigns.