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7 Tips to Plan Your 2017 Sales Strategy

| March 3rd, 2021 | 3060 Views

Sales Strategy

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The year 2017 has started and we all must be having business plans for this Fiscal Year to ensure we meet our goals.

In this article, I have listed seven main tips that you need to follow to increase your sales strategy in 2017.
  1. Evaluation of Data:  It is very important to analyze the leads data from last year and see which source of leads materialized and the type of business. This will help you to strategically plan and focus on those areas to generate more business. Also, do find out if you could meet the target set for 2016 and what were the reasons for the shortfall.
  2.  Planning: Prepare a list of companies you wanted to have as your client, do basic research on them and areas you can add value before touch basing with them.
  3. Touch base with old leads: There is a possibility that some clients did not materialize last year due to budget or any other specific reason. At New Year you can reconnect with all your old leads to check if you can assist them with any kind of requirement.
  4. Evaluation of Strategies: To ensure you achieve your goals, it is important that you evaluate strategies set and results frequently so that you can focus on methods which are driving results.
  5. Set Milestone: Assign each of your salesperson goals to achieve within an estimated time-frame. Review the milestone achieved by them on Monthly, Quarterly basis to plan next steps. Most of us focus more on getting new clients, enlist marketing team to reassess the existing customer base so that they can pitch them for new service.
  6. Ask for Referrals: Be transparent with your clients and ask for referrals as chances of the referrals converting will be higher as your service has already been availed by the client.
  7. Sales Process & CRM: It is important to review the sales process and properly documents them so that your marketing team can follow them effectively. CRM plays an important role in managing your leads, timely follow-up, reminders etc. So need to ensure that your CRM is up to date with all relevant information. With CRM you can generate reports quickly, filter demographic wise clients data and touch base, track the status of the goals achieved etc.
Get SET for 2017

Now that you have the basic tips to start your business planning. Let’s aim to meet the objectives set for this year. Happy New Year and Good Luck.