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Google Manages Its Reviews
Feb 10, 2022

How Google Manages Its Reviews About Local Businesses?

Google recently published an explanation that discusses how Google moderates its reviews on Google Maps for local businesses. This blog will educate you on how Google monitors reviews, remove fake or abusive reviews, and the steps it takes to check if the reviews published are genuine or not. The whole process consists of 5 steps all of which are covered in this blog. Read this blog till the end to get a complete update on how the new Google reviews system works. 

The Measures That Google Takes To Check Google Reviews

The 5 steps followed by Google to monitor reviews are as follows:

1.  Content Policy 

Google follows a strict content policy and has certain rules on what can and can't be posted. As per the official Google statement

"We've created strict content policies to make sure reviews are based on real-world experiences and to keep irrelevant and offensive comments off of Google Business Profiles". 

So, the point here is Google is looking for reviews that are based on real experiences and include experiential text or photos, or videos. Reviews that share real life experience with a business are what Google promotes. Hence, actively try and avoid reviews that are: 

1. Personal attacks
2. Irrelevant or Off-Topic 
3. Fake
4. Use Offensive Language
5. Include copied or stolen photos

2. Integration Into Google Algorithm 

Google's content policy is integrated into Google's algorithms. This content policy is used as training data for the algorithm. Through this, the process becomes highly automated and Google automatically refines its content policy. Therefore, the policy is set up and turned into training material. 
Afterward, with Machine Learning algorithms, Google can easily catch policy-violating content and remove it. This way Google keeps the reviews helpful and authentic for any local business and its viewers. 

3. Reviews Are Immediately Moderated  

As soon as the reviews are posted, reviews are immediately sent for a check. The moderation system uses a combination of human and machine review systems. Therefore, within seconds a review can get approved or disapproved. 

Therefore, fake reviews are immediately removed. Apart from the factors that are mentioned above in the first point, there's another factor that Google takes into consideration. The search engine also removes those reviews that are motivated by social media or any news that has caught up the heat in recent. Trend based reviews on a specific business are instantly disregarded. 

4. Google Supports Community Initiative

Google clearly stated that it also appreciates people and businesses coming forward to submit fake review reports. 
So, because of this individuals can step up and tell Google about a fake review. Businesses can do the same. Therefore, through this, Google keeps the feeling of a community alive. This also strengthens the Google review system furthermore. 

5. The Search Engine Expects Fake Reviews  

Google expects fake and abusive reviews for a business. Even in those events, Google monitors and provides only relevant and useful content/reviews to its users. Google heightens its monitoring activities in those events, and for businesses that are prone to such reviews. The search engine, therefore, takes a special note of such events and businesses and in those situations try to keep reviews as accurate as possible. 


With these steps, Google makes sure to provide relevant and genuine reviews to its users about a business. People rely on Google for services, and with reviews, individuals form a decision on whether they want to engage with a business or not. Understanding the responsibility Google possesses, it makes sure to optimize its algorithms from time to time. With this information, Google has made itself clear about its review policy and how you can rely on it for genuine reviews about businesses.  To handle your online business review, you can opt for online reputation management services.


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