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Jan 04, 2022

Weekly Digest 31 December - Digital Marketing News & Internet Marketing Update

Google Says No Difference In SEO Value Between Nofollow, UGC or Sponsored Link Attributes

It was believed that there is no difference in SEO value between the three link attributes. However, to confirm, recently, a user asked John Mueller on Twitter is a no follow link better, worse, or equal in comparison to a UGC or sponsored link? John Mueller killed the confusion with a response on Twitter. Click here to know the full statement.

Google Search Console In Process To Test The Announcement Bar

A new feature which will be located at the top of the Google Search Console is being tested by Google. Presently known as the Announcement section, it consists of the informational announcement, minor issue announcement, and major issue announcement. It doesn't function properly, as of yet and even John Mueller confirmed this test feature on Twitter. Read the full story!

Meta Is Changing Facebook Ads Targeting For 2022

In a recent update, Meta has announced the removal of the Facebook ads audience targeting option across four categories for the year 2022. This change comes into effect on January 19, 2022. Keeping the sensitivity parameters of audience targeting in mind, Meta is bringing this drastic change in its advertising options. For more detail on this, click on the link here.

Google's John Mueller Confirms Quality Of Languages On Multilingual Sites Can Impact Each Other

On the December 31st SEO hangout, John Mueller confirmed that low quality language version of a site can impact the high quality language version of the website and that can affect the website's overall rankings. Therefore, as previously believed and even confirmed by John Mueller in the past, it's the complete website that determines the authority of a site. To learn more about this, click here.

Google Merchant Center Now Allows Retailers To Save Product Filters

As per a recent surprising update, Google Merchant Center now enables users to save product filters. This brings in a huge productivity boost for all marketers. Even though an official Google announcement is pending, the product feature is on roll. For more updates on this, click on the link mentioned here.


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