Free Instagram Followers Hack That Work In 2022: 50K+

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Instagram Followers Hack 50K

Daily on Instagram, 100 million images are shared and 4.2 billion content gets liked. No doubt Instagram is the rage these days with over 1 billion monthly active users. Businesses today use Instagram to network, drive their content marketing strategy, and most importantly, build an audience for their brand.

However, businesses are consistently struggling to gain engagement and traction which is why they look for hacks to increase their followers. There’s no quick and free way to do this. However, social media management services can help. Social media management services not only increase followers but holistic development of a business account.

Instagram is special in its clan of social media websites. Because it has much more engagement than other social media websites, people want to gain the most from this platform. However, you should follow only the specialized ways and not the fake ones. This blog will reveal the tactics that you can follow to gain your followers quickly and take the count to 50K+.

What Exactly Is The Instagram Followers Hack?

Instagram Growth Hack

Instagram Followers Hack are techniques that can quickly assist an Instagram account increase genuine followers 10k, 50k and 100k free. With these activities, an account becomes more attractive and genuinely gains new followers within a period. Multiple automation tools and methods can help an account gain followers.

Most importantly, this tactic requires a thorough knowledge of the algorithm. There’s also a way to buy followers from reputable sources. However, this is not a sustainable strategy and the best way is still to create content that people can connect with.

What Are the Suitable Practices For Instagram Growth Hack?

There are no fixed ways or steps one can take for Instagram Growth Hack. However, there are recommended practices that you can follow which are stated below:

  • Rate Of Engagement: Sometimes in the pursuit of gaining followers an account can gain several ghost followers. These ghost followers do not interact with any of the content and don’t interact with the content you create. Thus, you gain multiple followers that don’t interact with your content. Instagram chooses who to show your material to based on how people interact with your content. But if you have ghost followers, you can eventually end up with no engagement or followers at all.
  • Automation Tools: Automation tools can mean trouble as they can go quickly beyond an acceptable limit. Instagram has restrictions on how much activity a person can do in an hour. This includes likes, comments, followers, and more. Automated programs can quickly exceed this limit. Multiple accounts have been blocked due to this activity as these are against the guidelines of the platform.

However, there are some legit methods that you can try to genuinely gain followers which you’ll see in the next section.

Top 15 Instagram Followers Hacks To Try Free In 2022

  1. Be Part Of Popular Conversations.
  2. Switch Up The Bio URL.
  3. Try New Hashtags.
  4. Have A Dedicated Hashtag.
  5. Influencer And Brand Marketing.
  6. Have A Voice.
  7. Be Vigilant Of  Your Tagged Photos.
  8. Build A Feel.
  9. CTA’s Are Of Even More Value.
  10. Going Local Can Likely Benefit.
  11. Do Instagram Promotion On Various Channels.
  12. Ensure Holistic Content Visibility.
  13. Have A Schedule With Your Posts.
  14. Include Keywords In Name Field Bio.
  15. Create Shareable Content.

1. Be Part Of Popular Conversations

Every industry has some chosen keywords or hastags that they can target. An SEO company can target a hashtag such as #EcommerceSEO, and be part of the discussion on the social platforms. Long tail trending keywords can also be a part such as #Christmas2022, #Dussehra, #Laborday, and more. Universally popular hashtags can help you gain an immense following as they can introduce your content to a much larger audience.

2. Switch Up The Bio URL

An Instagram bio link shouldn’t always point to the website homepage. You should keep switching this link as it takes an important place in the profile. This should be changed weekly and at that time, the most popular content should be linked. It’s a good way to direct traffic to a diverse range of topics. This will make a profile diverse, thus, expanding its reach.

3. Try New Hashtags

A diverse mix of hastags and content creation can spread the content like wildfire. Hashtags also provide an opportunity for a business to be creative. These tags shouldn’t be boring but can choose to be ironic, or funny. However, keep hashtags realistic and shouldn’t drag your business towards trolling. For instance, take this failed hashtag campaign from McDonald’s called #McDStories. It was so terrible that the hashtag had to be taken down by McD within two hours.

4. Have A Dedicated Hashtag

A company needs to have a branded hashtag. Always ensure to use your dedicated hashtag within your profile and for external promotion better utilize receipts, print ads, and more. Emails, other social profiles, and your website can also contain your company hashtag.

Most importantly, you can also encourage people to utilize your hashtag in UGC (User Generated Content). Followers can tag your business or even use your branded hashtag in their content. UGC has a ton of benefits as the content gets ready without you having to spend any time. Most importantly, people want to be associated with brands that can double their engagement as well. They will utilize your brand and hashtags, and if done positively, this can be extremely rewarding for your business.

5. Influencer And Brand Marketing

It’s crucial to identify the big influencers in your industry and build a connection with them. Recognize the top influencers and “Turn On Post Notifications” to regularly interact with their content. This way you can build a connection with them.

Agencies also help a business or an individual find micro-influencers in their niche. Moreover, these agencies can also help you build an influencer marketing campaign. Experienced agencies can do a better job at building influencer campaigns as they regularly deal with brands and influencers. Thus, a business launching an influencer marketing campaign can always increase its followers quickly.

Similarly, instead of influencers, businesses can collaborate with brands that have the same value as the business. A brand association often leads to a new set of followers. Most importantly, the partnerships are beneficial for both parties involved and don’t have to be too expensive.

6. Have A Voice

Yes, Instagram is a dynamic platform but you shouldn’t entirely forget about words. A business needs to have a consistent tone across all social platforms. A business should focus on finding its voice and delivering the message with an engaging video, reel, or snap. The words do matter and just the post itself isn’t likely to create an impact. NatGeo does a fine job with it combining story-telling and photos. And this has resulted in 59 million followers on Instagram.

7.  Be Vigilant Of  Your Tagged Photos

It’s possible to limit your profile to the best user-generated content if you’re largely unsatisfied with your tagged content. However, it’s not possible to remove the post altogether, though, you can click on “Edit Tags”. Then, choose the post you want to remove and finally lick on “Hide From Profile”.  You can also change the tagged photos setting. By this, no tagged photos will be posted until you approve of it. Go to ‘Options’, ‘Photos of You’, and then click on ‘Add Manually’. This way you can enhance your protection and save yourself from some embarrassment.

8. Build A Feel

On Instagram, if you truly want to stand out, it’s best to choose an aesthetic. A distinctive visual content style is likely to help in this case. For instance, take the case of Jocko Willink, a retired US Navy Officer, podcaster, and author. From a distance, the posts are recognizable as they have a vibe, a certain touch to them that’s specific to Jocko Willink. Businesses can do the same and create a theme for their profile.

9. CTA’s Are Of Even More Value

Instagram is a platform based on conversation. So, businesses have to be extremely careful as to what CTA’s are they implementing. You should be clear as to what action you want individuals to take after seeing your post. If you aren’t sure of the CTA’s in your post, time to rethink and come back with an actual explanation and understanding.

10. Going Local Can Likely Benefit

Search Engines also display results based on an area. If you want a specific post to rank for a geographical search, you must ensure to add a location while posting. These posts can also be utilized or embedded in blogs and other website pages. This makes an audience aware of your specific business locations as well.

11. Do Instagram Promotion On Various Channels

One of the most effective ways to grow your Instagram following is through cross-promotion. You can promote your Instagram on other social profiles such as Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok. Connect your Instagram account to various social profiles. You can even generate content on other profiles to encourage users to visit your Instagram profile. Moreover, not just social profiles but a website, Email newsletters, and podcasts can also redirect users to an Instagram profile.

12. Ensure Holistic Content Visibility

Several people in this world are visually impaired or are deaf and dumb. However, there are ways to make content available for them. Adding subtitles to video content can be helpful. Instagram hashtags can all be capitalized. Stories and videos can verbalize visual details. Most interestingly, Instagram recently added auto-generated captions in 16 languages which make content easily accessible.

13. Have A Schedule With Your Posts

Consistency with your followers is everything. An account that posts content more frequently tends to have more followers. However, it’s not always the quantity. The quality of the content still takes precedence. Creating good content alongside maintaining consistency is what businesses or individuals should follow.

14. Include Keywords In Name Field Bio

You must know that the Instagram name field bio is searchable. Depending on the niche of your business including similar terms in the name field bio can largely aid. You can also use the Instagram search bar to exactly know what to type in the name field. If a company specializes in SEO, it can include the term “Digital Marketing” or “Internet Marketing” in its name field bio.

15. Create Shareable Content

Quite obvious but there’s a catch to it. Content is a broad term and that can mean a lot of things. For instance, Memes can go instantly viral and can help an account gain instant new followers. Moreover, any content created on some viral trend can also aid.

Another interesting way to gain a new set of followers is through Instagram challenges. Your account can become a leading online attraction if you start a trend with some simple, innovative challenge. A dedicated hashtag for the challenge can be icing on the cake.

Best Tools For Instagram Management

Alongside the activities, specific Instagram tools can be of great help. These tools are discussed below:

8 Useful FREE Instagram Management Tools.

  1. Emplifi.
  2. Union Metrics.
  3. Iconosquare.
  4. Social Blade.
  5. Woobox.
  6. Repost.
  7. Combin.
  8. Instagram Insights.

1. Emplifi

Emplifi Instagram Management Tool

This is a simple social media management tool that makes managing daily social tasks quite easy. Its features include content, performance, benchmarking, analytics, as well as access to influencers and paid campaigns. Convenient to measure performance, this tool also allows for comparison with industry competitors. With this tool, a business or an individual can conveniently devise a social media marketing strategy.

2. Union Metrics

Union Metrics Instagram Management Tool

Union Metrics is another reliable tool similar to Emplifi. A free Instagram account audit is also possible with this tool. Current account performance plus which content is performing and which isn’t are some of the standard features of this tool.

However, its paid version can provide more features. $49/month plan allows analysis, engagement, and performance of social accounts. $99 opens up more features but for a holistic solution, you can opt for the $199/month package.

3. Iconosquare

iconosquare Instagram Management Tool

Both free and paid version offer methods to track Instagram followers. The free service consists of an audit that contains a complete report outlining your strengths and weaknesses. For this audit report, the tool examines the latest 30 posts of the last 30 days. Moreover, it offers advice on account activity, content strategy, audience interaction, and more.

The paid version presents a visualized, personalized dashboard for the indicators most crucial for your business. In the paid version, the tool becomes a robust platform for analytics, scheduling, and management. The performance gets displayed in graphs for essential indicators such as follower growth, reach, impressions, and more. You can even compare your performance by setting up benchmarks for 100+ sectors. Most interestingly, you can even learn about your followers: the language they speak, their age, gender, etc.

4. Social Blade

social-blade-Instagram Management Tool

Social Blade can provide a ton of data for public Instagram accounts. Moreover, the tool contains charts such as the top 50 or top 100 most followed Instagram accounts. Usually, this tool asks for future projections. When an account is scanned multiple times only then a useful set of data can be built with this tool.

5. Woobox

woobox-Instagram Management Tool

This might be the best tool in the market currently for innovative content creation. Woobox allows running a host of interactive content such as polls, giveaways, coupons, and much more. You can conveniently run campaigns of content with this helpful tool. Moreover, it provides more control over content where you can restrict your interactive content to a certain type of audience.

6. Repost

repost-Instagram Management Tool

Repost is a mobile application that’s available on iOS and Android devices. With this app, you can repost user-generated content while giving the original creator the due credit. When you give credit, it shows that you value content created by other people, thus, presenting you in a positive light. Interestingly, some accounts can even share your repost allowing you to gain some new followers.

7. Combin

combin-Instagram Management Tool

Combin is yet another Instagram management tool that has a ton of features available in its free version. It’s also possible to keep track of your competitor’s comments and their activities, thus making it a trusted tool for social competitor analysis.

The highlight of this tool is that it allows the ability to edit comments in bulk across multiple platforms. This way a business or an individual can appear social which is something their followers will appreciate. Campaign data is also available allowing someone to decide which of their campaigns are the best performing or not.

8. Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights

A business account on the platform consists of Instagram Insights. The platform’s native tool helps understand follower demographics and actions. Data for individual posts, stories, and entire account is also available.

The data summary of the content posted in the last week is available on the home page of the insights. A follower section is also displayed scrolling down the home page. This includes follower data such as gender, age, location, etc.

instagram Insights Data

There are three main sections on Instagram Insights: Accounts reached, Accounts engaged, or Total followers. Accounts reached shows you the number of accounts that have seen your content, along with some demographic information on them.


Thus, Instagram Hack is no quick, secret way to gain 50K+ followers. It is rather some smart and innovative activities that accounts can implement to gain followers swiftly. With specialized tools, this process can be made even more convenient. Thus, an account should continue experimenting and look for refreshing ways to attract new followers. And most importantly, never forget that content is king and will always be and that’s one proven way to gain followers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is there a quick way to trick followers on Instagram?

Ans: There are ways to trick Instagram followers and outsmart the algorithm. Regardless, it’s well suggested to gain an audience that interacts with you and are your genuine followers. That’s a process that requires effort. As long as that happens, all methods are pretty valid.

Q2. Are there any specific hashtags one can follow to gain more followers?

Ans: Hashtags should be used to connect with your target audience. Any non-value hashtags and spammy hashtags should be avoided. Hashtags have a purpose and they should be used as such. Adding unnecessary hashtags won’t bring any value.

Q3. Is there a specific timeline to gain 50k+ followers?

Ans: It’s different for everyone. Producing better content, experimenting, and analyzing your results will produce better results. Staying consistently active and having a posting schedule should keep you on track to gain 50 K+ followers. Most importantly, follow the tricks mentioned in this blog and with time, you’ll reach the magic number.

Q4. Is organic promotion enough to gain followers on Instagram?

Ans: While organic marketing can help you gain followers, it’s paid marketing that can truly work as a catalyst. Organic marketing takes time to gain followers and create an impact. However, paid marketing can fasten this process. Again this is what’s seen in most cases, and it varies from case to case. So, if you’re not seeing results with organic promotion, using paid smo promotion isn’t bad thinking.