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EZ Rankings is a Social media marketing company in India, helping clients manage their social media platforms. We customize social media marketing services for small businesses as well as medium & big corporations. At EZ Rankings - an SMO company, we manage social media networks such as Facebook Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and more for our clients. We use relevant contemporary SMO services to help businesses create better visibility on social platforms.

For businesses (Small, Medium, Big), Social Media seems to be a tremendous opportunity to market their products & services. Our best SMO Services will help your business in gaining attention and active leads that can be easily converted into sales opportunities. Companies & organizations, therefore, require social media optimization companies that understand the dynamics of these platforms to help create an awareness regarding their products & services.

EZ Rankings – Social media marketing agency in India has in-house digital marketing experts who are proficient in handling the dynamics of your social handles. To sum it up, you can trust us for your social media campaigns as we provide cutting-edge social media optimization services.

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54% of social browsers use social media to research products.

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What Is Social Media And Social Media Marketing?

Social media is a technology on mobile or web that allows the spreading of ideas, thoughts, or information worldwide through virtual channels or networks. Such platforms allow audiences to communicate with one another. You can spread a thought, or information through a post, video, photo, short videos, and more. People can simultaneously share their views through comments, sharing, or mentions. In short, social media allows people to exchange ideas and simultaneously, react and respond to various content on these platforms.

Social media usage has increased exponentially through the past decade. You should know that there are currently 3.78 billion social media users worldwide, as per Statista 2020. Some popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, etc. each having its use and demographic. Certain platforms allow communities, or groups to be formed authorizing people with certain preferences to communicate with one another.

With so much usage and people being so active on them, it's no surprise that social media is the new way of communication. But that also presents itself with an opportunity for people and businesses. A chance to display the world their services, or products. If people react to it positively(provided your services or products are good), you build authority and get popular among people.

Hence, social media marketing allows businesses to display their products or services on social media and market them in a good light. Through social media, brands can put their message out to the people through posts, videos, photos, or content, in general. It's a good modern-day technology that every brand should capitalize upon. If you optimize your business's social media marketing, you can reach a wider audience allowing your brand the visibility, it requires.

For your social media marketing, you can trust EZ Rankings- the best SMO company, as we have the expertise and the experience to provide quality SMO services. We've helped clients from around the world to optimize their social media strategy. At EZ Rankings, we provide quick results within a given timeframe. To optimize your business social media strategy, look no further than EZ Rankings.

SMO Case Studies-Our Impression On Clients

What are Social Media Marketing Services And Why Do You Require Professional SMM Services?

Social media marketing services or SMM Services are usually offered by digital marketing agencies that allow businesses to use their social media platforms to connect with their audience for increased brand engagement, awareness, and for driving website traffic. It's a planned campaign with a specific target that boosts a business's marketing efforts. SMO services have become essential for any business these days. People are using and forming opinions for brands on social media.

According to Kepios, 4.55 billion people are active on social media. So are you optimizing for your ideal customers then? If you're not, that's bad news cause the brands that are, they are getting all the leads and sales on social media.

You require Social Media Optimization services to attract your customers, engage them and bring in new ones at the same time. You should hire an expert SMO company for this. Through social media marketing services, you get a ton of benefits, some of which are:

Better Search Rankings

You wouldn't think, but in reality, Google and Bing results, now consider updates, profiles, tweets, and more in their search recommendations. The more your content gets shared, the higher chance it has to drive a potential customer to your website. This way your rankings can improve significantly leading to better visibility, which in turn, builds authority, which, therefore, leads to more sales and revenue. People trust Google and ranking higher is an advantage that you can achieve through SMO services.

Improved Online Presence

By using major social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, you are making it easier for people to reach out to you. You can take their queries, or provide them with meaningful, informational, or promotional content revolving around your brand or domain.

Through social media marketing services, your online presence improves, and social engagements like likes and shares increase rapidly. You also get a chance to be part of the community and react to 'at that moment' occurrences. Therefore, you have better brand control which increases the trust in your brand.

Targeted Audience

Social media optimization services allow you to target or create posts that'll interest specific types of individuals. You can look into your business insights provided by the social media platform that you're using and get to know your audience. This way you can create posts by targeting the audience.

Also, you can dissect your audience by using platforms your customers use more often. You don't have to be on every social media platform out there. For B2B business, LinkedIn is your platform. If your target customers are females, Pinterest might be your ideal choice. Therefore, every platform has its audience, and you should use these platforms accordingly. This way you can market just to your ideal customers.

Lastly, make sure to optimize your content according to the social media platform that you're using. If it's a video, YouTube works best. For short videos, Instagram can do the job. For professional posts, LinkedIn is the platform you should be using. Be smart and utilize the tools at your disposal.

A Personalized Bond With Your Customers

What's the point of social media after all? It's a form of modern-day communication and without a doubt the most influential one as well. With brands, people want to form a personalized relationship. As a business, social media allows you to form a personalized relationship with your customers. You can interact with customers directly.

People put posts with your products or for your services on social media. You get a chance to interact with them and comment on them. Boost your relationships with them and always make it personalized and special for them. SMO services can help you form a more personalized relationship with your customers.

Maximized ROI

And finally, all the effort is worth putting into social media. Think about it, your credibility as a brand increases if you optimize your social media handles. People interact with you more and likely see you as a trusted brand. Your dominant social media presence increases your website visits. More visitors equates to a higher chance of sales which leads to more ROI.

Indirectly, social media optimization services can be the best bet for your digital marketing efforts. If done well, it's highly effective and if implemented well, there's no other tactic in digital marketing more effective than SMO.

EZ Rankings is your ideal SMO company that makes sure to put your needs first. Whatever you may need for your social campaign, we have the resources and a full time-team. We are experts at providing social media marketing services and have been doing so for over a decade.

Trusted By Companies

We take pride in having served 10,000+ clients in a variety of industries. We have worked with companies of all sizes, and we are also familiar with the market conditions across a wide range of industries. Our broad spectrum of knowledge and experience comes because of the work we've done. Here are some of the significant clients we've worked with:

What Clients Know About Us


My experience with EZ rankings has been nothing but outstanding. I learned of EZ rankings through a recommendation and I am glad to have worked with them on numerous projects. It is very efficient to work with each one of their team members.I am very pleased with the work. I choose EZ rankings for a second project after seeing the work they did on my first project.Prices are very competitive.

SMO Services: Things To Follow And Avoid

You're optimizing but the struggle is real, as you can't see the results. However, there's an art to optimizing on social media. But if done right you can position yourself as a thought leader in your niche. Every step is crucial and there are certain things that you should and shouldn't do. Our team at EZ Rankings has put together a list of things that you can and can't do when it comes to optimizing on social media.

Things To Do

  • Undertake extensive market research
  • Identify audience behavior and the right channel to target it.
  • Run Paid ads.
  • Have a consistent brand voice across all platforms
  • Study campaign results and accordingly create engaging content.

Things You Should Don't

  • Run a social campaign without any goal, or vision in mind.
  • Treat all your Social Media channels the same and not make them unique as your brand.
  • Not engaging with customers on social media.
  • Not measuring your campaigns the correct way.
  • Depending only on automation and avoiding giving your campaigns a human touch.

With EZ Rankings, we don't just preach but practice. We've helped clients from around the world taste success through social media. We are an SMO company that provides the best social media marketing services. Our SMO services help customers get their social media marketing strategy optimized the right way.

Why Social Media Brand Management Must Be A Part Of Your Social Marketing Strategy?

With your social strategy, your brand must follow a schedule. You must bulk schedule posts, and have a calendar for every social media platform that you're on. Monitoring your social media presence, and knowing the sentiment of your audience is also crucial.

It's also essential how you handle negative feedback or a social crisis. All these measures come under brand management. Social Media Brand Management is knowing your setbacks on social media and then optimizing for it if any. It's a holistic strategy that you must follow on social media. Social Media Brand Management is implementing the right techniques on social media so you continue attracting the right customers to your website.

Some measures that we, at EZ Rankings, take as an expert SMO company for your social media brand management are:

  • Extensive social media audits
  • Helping you establish your unique brand voice
  • Optimized brand logos, images, and social media posts suitable for your audience
  • Actively engaging in social listening and social monitoring.
  • Measuring your marketing efforts and optimizing accordingly

EZ Rankings, a quality digital marketing company provides premium SMO services that can ace your social media brand management strategy. We make sure to customize your social media presence and accordingly build your complete social plan.

Social Media Advertising: What Is It And Why You Need It Today?

To put it straight, organic social media reach is declining. The average organic reach of a Facebook post is 5.20%. That only means out of 100 only 5 people have a chance of seeing your post if you are not putting any budget behind it. The algorithms have shifted in this direction, and some of your posts can go unnoticed.

To overcome this problem, social media advertising or social media targeting can come to your rescue. Social media advertising is part of Social Media Optimization services, in which ads are placed by a brand on social media. A company runs paid ads on social media to put its message out. This boosts your branding efforts allowing you to reach a wider audience with your paid or boosted posts.

There are many advantages to social media advertising, some of which include:

  • You can customize your ads which allows you to put the right message in front of the right people.
  • With these ads, you reach a wider targeted audience.
  • Boosted website visitors which increases your ROI.
  • You can retarget interested customers with these ads.
  • Promote your services, offers, or introduce your brand in an interesting, customized way.

At EZ Rankings-the best SMO company in India, we provide the best social media optimization services. Our social media marketing services deliver to clients what they specifically require from their SMO campaigns. We are experts at handling paid campaigns and have been doing so for over a decade for our clients.

Our Social Media Marketing Services Process

Certainly, being a professional internet marketing agency, we understand social media inside and out. We, at EZ Rankings, follow a result-driven approach that has kept our clients happy for a long time.

1 2 3 4 5 6 SMO PROCESS

1. Social Media Audit

A Social Media Audit involves several steps that evaluate and optimize the organization’s profiles on social media. The audit involves strategies related to managing and utilizing these profiles for optimum results for the organization. Diligent and regular social media audits help an organization to lead the competition in terms of an online presence. EZ Rankings - Best Social Media Marketing Company India, hires expert SMO Professionals who conduct rigorous Social Media Audits to ensure the highest level of online presence for your organization.

2. Build Your Audience

Merely creating an online presence by creating social media pages and listing the organization on various social media sites is not enough. The purpose of SMO services is to help build an audience base for the organization on social media platforms. While we might be able to create our social media page and list ourselves on social media platforms, it requires an expert social media marketing agency like EZ Rankings to create awareness and bring traffic to the social media pages of your organization.

3. Engage With Customers

Once the customers or audiences are made aware and the traffic is diverted to your social media pages, you need to convert the majority of this traffic into active leads for your organization. This would be possible only if you engage with your customers positively and effectively. Here, what we communicate, how we communicate, and when we communicate are important points to be considered. This delicate balance of communication to engage with your customers is managed efficiently by the professional Social Media Marketing Professionals of EZ Rankings. Our SMO company manages your online presence effectively while making you a positive, authoritative brand in the eyes of the people.

4. Social Posting

Your customers are socially aware individuals who are constantly on the lookout for information. Thus, regular posting and sharing on your social media are an absolute necessity. It is, therefore, essential that the posts and shares should be correct, timely, and optimized for your audience. Professional social media marketers at EZ Rankings - Best Social Media Marketing Company India, are adept at taking up this task on your behalf. People are looking for services, so put your best services through social media and we can assist you with this.

5. Social Media Advertising

Social Media consists of active platforms to advertise and promote your services by running paid ads. You merely need to trust the professional Social Media Marketing Professionals at EZ Rankings -Social Media Optimization Company, who would not only help you create advertisements for social media platforms but also help you use the social media platform to gather audiences and convert them into active leads. Our social media experts can advertise your products to the right audience on social media.

6. Social Media Management

Finally, after setting up the whole social media campaign(paid, unpaid, or both) keep on measuring your campaign from time to time. Take active, measured steps and manage your social media journey. With EZ Rankings, you get consistent optimization throughout your social journey. We don't stop once it's done, we maintain as we understand that SMO services are a consistent process and we are with you through every step.

7. Digital PR and Link Building

Public Relations involve strategies that are essential in shaping the public perception of your business. Having a positive reputation in the eyes of your customers is paramount. Everyone wants to talk business with a reputable organization and hence, maintaining a good repo is a continuous process, which you can do through an effective PR strategy.

Link building in SEO focuses on increasing the quality of inbound links to your website. Inbound links are simply the links or references that you get from external websites to your website. It's highly preferred to get links from high-quality websites in your domain or niche so that the search engine sees you as an authority or expert in your business. All this helps you establish your domain authority on the SERP which helps in outranking your competitors.

With EZ Rankings, you can ace the PR and link-building strategies, as our professional team handles all the digital PR work and link-building activities for your business. From organic outreach to publishing quality content to improve your website's domain authority, we perform everything with keen focus. Link building is a crucial process for any business and we focus on building high-quality and high domain authority links for your website to gain more traction.

8. Performance Tracking and Maintenance

Doing all the work and not measuring it can lead to the failure of an effective SEO plan. It's important to measure your progress, and activities to see if they are working in the direction desired. Updating your strategies from time to time in SEO is an ongoing process that never stops. To stay at the top on the search engine ranking page, you always have to measure, and update your strategy, as required. If today, you are on top, it doesn't mean tomorrow will be the same. Hence, maintaining and updating your strategies according to time and search engine algorithms is paramount.

Our SEO team at EZ Rankings, leave no stone unturned as our SEO professionals keep a keen eye on the overall performance and also share the progress with you. We believe in working with transparency and that's the reason we share both small and big wins that your website is achieving. EZ Rankings share detailed reports about the performance and keywords tracking. It helps us and you to collaborate better and achieve higher.

 Our Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook Promotion

Facebook Promotion

If you have a Facebook profile for your business, then we can help you when it comes to promoting your services and products. You can do this by posting links regarding blogs that you have written or even by starting a contest or a game to bring in more interested customers. Facebook is a popular site, so make sure to use it.

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Twitter Promotion

Twitter Promotion

Another area where you need to ensure that you are promoting your business is on Twitter. This is where you can easily share your links and short bursts of information with your readers. Ensure that you are using this platform to get out the information that is required and we can help you easily with this.

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Instagram Promotion

Instagram Promotion

We can also help you when it comes to promoting your business on Instagram with some stunning images. You can take the pictures of your products, services or team members and we can help you with the write-up. We can also help you to come up with the ideal hashtags as well.

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Linkedin Promotion

LinkedIn Promotion

If you have a profile on LinkedIn, then we can help you when it comes to promoting your business here. This is a great place to find people who are interested in the industry that you are working in. We can help you to make sure that the information that you are giving out is pertinent and that the viewers will want to read it.

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Why EZ Rankings Is Ideal For Your Business Social Media Marketing?

As a top social media optimization company, we acknowledge that as compared to any other form of marketing, social media marketing packages give 100 percent higher positive leads towards active sales. Irrespective of what you deal in and how big or small your business is, we help you gain an active presence on various social media platforms with our SMO services.

EZ Rankings – Social Media Marketing Agency in India, takes pride in the capability of ensuring 100% client satisfaction. Some of the prime reasons for associating with us for social media marketing services are:

  • Easy CRM Tools : We use CRM tools to help build and manage relationships with our clients by providing an update on daily tasks. These tools are simple & easy-to-use and we maintain active communication with our clients through them.
  • Dedicated Project Manager : At EZ Rankings, we understand the importance of personal touch that's why we provide a dedicated account manager for better coordination and communication. Your project is customized and therefore, we assign a project manager specifically for your campaigns(paid or unpaid).
  • Excellent Customer Support : Customer support is our priority as our Project Managers and support team are available during your working hours to ensure better communication with you so that you can get active reports for your campaigns. In case, if you have any queries regarding your social campaigns, we are there to answer every query. We keep the discussion around your campaigns easy and flexible.
  • Performance Tracking : Our daily, weekly & monthly updates help you to track the progress of your website and what is planned for the coming months. With EZ Rankings, you remain aware at every step of your social media optimization, and hence, any change if required at any time throughout your campaign can easily be implemented. We measure, we act, and therefore, we can also change your social strategy if required at any given point in time.


SMO refers to Social Media Optimization. It refers to optimizing business pages on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. SMO services help businesses reach out to its customers, expand customer base, and build 2 way communication for effective branding. Please connect with our Sales people to help you understand better. You can reach them at +001-855-763-0320 / contactus@ezrankings.com

Totally depends on what industry you are from! If you are selling products, Instagram & Facebook are best to get started with. If you are into Counselling, Management or services, LinkedIn is better! So, totally depends on what industry you are from! Please connect with our Sales people to help you understand better. You can reach them at +001-855-763-0320 / contactus@ezrankings.com

If you are already doing SEO then SMO will help you enhance your business value better! Not only will you be able to rank your business higher but also create a stronger base for your potential clients to connect with you & share their reviews, concerns & feedback promptly. Please connect with our Sales people to help you understand better. You can reach them at +001-855-763-0320 / contactus@ezrankings.com

Depends on what you are expecting out of SMO, If you are purely looking for presence then 1 month should be fine BUT if you are looking for ongoing customer connect & brand visibility, 3 to 6 months is suggested time frame. Please connect with our Sales people to help you understand better. You can reach them at +001-855-763-0320 / contactus@ezrankings.com

SMO helps in bringing the best out of SEO efforts. SEO helps in bringing the business on Page 1 & bringing more traffic to the website BUT SMO Packages helps in connecting with the growing audience. Please connect with our Sales people to help you understand better. You can reach them at +001-855-763-0320 / contactus@ezrankings.com

Hashtags help us connect with people with similar interests & eventually increase the reach, visibility & connect with them. Please connect with our Sales people to help you understand better. You can reach them at +001-855-763-0320 / contactus@ezrankings.com

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