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Google Penalty Removal & Website Recovery Services India

The world of Digital Marketing is experiencing a lot of talk about the latest continued algorithm changes made by Google, especially Google Penguin and Google Panda. It was found that the bulk of the talk surrounds various strategies that can be used to avoid getting penalized by Google or getting drastically affected by the constant algorithm changes. Many websites have suddenly found their rankings taking a nosedive, and they are unable to do anything about it. Here, we bring Panda & Penguin Recovery Services and Google Penalty Removal plan and how you can save your website from getting affected by this onslaught.

If your website gets bitten by either of the two algorithms, there is no need to panic. You just need to take some corrective action and avail best Google Penalty Recovery services and get back into the business with a bang! Your business may get hit by either Google’s manual penalty or algorithm penalty. It is important to stay away from gray areas to avoid these penalties. If at all, your website is hit by any of these penalties, do not hesitate to avail of Google Penalty removal & recovery services and bring your website back on the right track

What is Google Penalty Recovery Services

Google penalty recovery services are designed to help webmasters recover a website from a Google penalty. A penalty can be imposed for any number of reasons, such as low-quality content, unnatural link building, or failing to follow Google's Webmaster Guidelines. Whatever the reason, if your site has been penalized by Google, it can cause significant damage to your search engine rankings and traffic.

Google penalty recovery services help to identify the cause of the penalty, implement a plan to correct it, and submit a reconsideration request on your behalf. At EZ Rankings, we have a team of highly skilled SEO professionals that are experts in Google penalty recovery.

 Our main focus on the Penguin recovery lies on the below:

  • Compile a list of all the links pointing to domain
  • Manually check each domain to check for the Google guideline compliance
  • Getting in touch with the webmasters to get low quality, unnatural links removed. This also includes regular follow-up to ensure that maximum links are removed.
  • Once the above is done, we submit the remaining low quality links to the Disavow Tool in Google Webmaster Tools to erase any residual links.

Google Penguin Recovery Plan Cost: $250 / month

For the Google Penguin recovery Services, our focus lies on the below:

  • We begin with the content validation looking for any form of duplicacy
  • The external backlinks check followed by internal backlinks check
  • We also look in detail to the redirect page status for any discrepancy
  • Once all the links are checked we then focus our energy on the broken links of the website both internal as well as external
  • We also check for the crawling status of the website by Google to ensure that the Google’s visits are regular and uniform without any instance
  • Finally we end with the complete checking of the metas to check for any metas which might be poorly written,duplicated, longer or shorter than desired Google Panda

Recovery Services Plan Cost: $250 / month

Suggested Time Frame:

2 months For the Google Panda recovery, our focus lies on the below:

  • Evaluating semantics
  • Evaluating website’s current content
  • Determine the level of optimisation for exact match terms and check for excesses
  • Check Metas
  • Check website Navigation
  • Review links coming to the website

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Our Google Penalty Recovery Services Include: 

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At EZ Rankings, we understand how challenging it can be to recover from a Google Penguin Penalty. Our dedicated team specializes in Pеnguin Penalty Rеmoval sеrvicеs, ensuring your website regains its rightful place in sеarch еnginе rankings. Wе does this by identifying and rеmoving spammy backlinks that could bе damaging your sitе's crеdibility. 

This process involves a thorough audit of your wеbsitе's backlink profilе, identifying thе low-quality, harmful links that triggеrеd thе pеnalty. Once we've identified these problematic links, our team takes swift action to remove them. At EZ Rankings, we don't just stop at rеmoval; we also ensure that your website is equipped with high-quality, rеlеvant backlinks that boost your sitе's authority and improve your ranking. 

A panda penalty is imposed when Google detects content that is of low quality or unoriginal. Recovering from a Panda penalty requires you to evaluate your existing website content, identify the areas where improvement is necessary, and create fresh, high-quality content for your website. 

At EZ Rankings, our еxperts understand how to create SEO-friendly content that complies with Googlе's Webmaster Guidelines. We began by auditing your website's existing content and identifying what needs to be improved. We then create localized, high-quality content that is both SEO friеndly and relevant to your target audience. Our tеam can also help you build a contеnt strategy that еnsurеs you don't fall victim to Panda pеnalty in thе future. 

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How to Check if Your Website is Penalized by Google?

It's crucial to verify whether your website has been penalized by Google for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, a penalty from Google can lead to a significant drop in your site's search engine rankings, which can drastically reduce your visibility to potential customers. 

Additionally, penalties can serve as an indication that your website may not be adhering to Google's guidelines, which could potentially lead to further issues down the line. Thus, it becomes crucial to check whether your website is affected by the Google penalty. Below are some reasons that indicate the possibility of a penalty. 

Major Rankings Drop for Your Targeted Keywords:

If your website has a sudden major drop in rankings for your targeted keywords, it could be a sign of a penalty. Monitoring your website's performance in SERPs is important to identify any such drops. For example, if your website was usually ranking on the top five and now has moved completely out of the SERPs, then it might be due to a penalty. 

Moreover, specific manual penalties can be identified in the "Manual Actions'' tab in Google's Search Console. It is important to thoroughly check this tab to find any penalties that may have been imposed on your website and look into the reasons for them. 

Decrease in Organic Traffic & Sales:

Another way to identify a possible penalty is to check the analytics of your website and look into any sudden decrease in organic traffic and sales. If you notice that your organic traffic has dropped significantly, then it could be an indication of a penalty from Google. Moreover, if your website has been in existence for a long time and suddenly experiences such drops, then the chances of it being due to a penalty are higher. 

Google Penalty Recovery Services can help you identify any Google penalties that may be affecting your website's search engine rankings. These services will analyze every aspect of your website and provide recommendations to remove or correct them so that you can regain your lost rankings and organic traffic. 

Perform Site Search Query on Google (site: xyz.com):

One of the first steps to take while recovering from a penalty is to check how your website appears on Google. To do this, you can perform a site search query with the help of the following command – site:xyz.com. This will provide a list of all web pages that appear in the SERPs for your domain name, and any potential penalties that might be affecting your website will also be visible. 

If you notice that some pages of your website do not appear in the SERPs, then it could be an indication that Google has penalized those pages. The issue can be further investigated with the help of a professional penalty recovery service provider such as Google penalty recovery services. 

Check Message in Google Search Console:

Another way to identify if your website has been penalized is to check the Google Search Console for any messages from Google. While in the search console, you can click on the 'Messages' tab and look for any warnings or notifications from Google. If you notice any penalties that have been imposed by Google, then this could provide valuable insight into what needs to be rectified. 

Moreover, Google will also provide you with detailed information on the exact issue that needs to be rectified. This can be used to determine if penalty recovery services are required or not. 

How to Avoid a Google Penalty?

Avoid Link-Farming:

Link-farming is a black-hat SEO technique that involves creating multiple websites that link to each other to increase the number of inbound links to a site. This may have worked in the early days of the internet, but Google has since caught on and views this practice as manipulative and deceptive. 

To avoid falling into the trap of link farming, focus on building natural, organic links. This means reaching out to relevant websites and blogs in your industry, guest posting, and creating high-quality content that people naturally want to link to. Remember, it's not about the quantity of links but the quality. 

Create Quality Content:

To create quality content, understand what your audience wants. Use keyword research tools to discover what topics and questions are prevalent in your industry, and then create content that addresses these queries. 

Remember to keep your content original. Duplicate content can lead to a penalty from Google. If you must use content from another source, properly cite it and provide a link back to the original. 

Focus on Linking Domain Relevancy:

Google's algorithm doesn't just look at the number of links pointing to your site; it also considers the relevancy of those links. In other words, links from sites relevant to your industry carry more weight than links from unrelated sites. 

To improve your linking domain relevancy, aim to build links from sites in the same or related industries as you. For example, if you run a fitness blog, links from other fitness blogs, health websites, or sports stores would be considered irrelevant.

Avoid Fake Social Media Signals:

Like link farming, buying fake social media signals (such as likes, shares, or followers) to boost your SEO, is a tactic that Google frowns upon. These signals are easy for Google's algorithms to detect and can lead to a penalty. 

Instead, focus on building genuine social media engagement. This means creating compelling content your audience wants to share, engaging with your followers, and using social media to build customer relationships.

Diversify the Anchor Texts:

Anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink. In the past, SEOs would often stuff their anchor texts with keywords to improve their search engine rankings. However, Google now views this practice as spammy and can penalize sites for over-optimizing their anchor text. 

To avoid this, diversify your anchor texts. This means using a variety of phrases and words in your hyperlinks rather than repeating the same keyword repeatedly. Your anchor texts should be natural and relevant to the content they're linking to. 

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