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How To Do Competitive Analysis In Digital Marketing?

| November 21st, 2022 | 1779 Views

How to Do Competitive Analysis

We all know the importance of competitive analysis in digital marketing. Still, many business owners are not doing it the right way. Are you also facing the same issue with competitive analysis then here you are in the right place. Because here we are going to tell you how you can compare your business’s digital marketing tactics with your competitors and how you can do better than your rivals. Don’t worry, you can do it on your own without hiring someone for this task. So let’s begin our journey to find out the best digital market competitor analysis techniques.

  • Find Actual Competitors
  • Make A List Of Their Strengths
  • See What They Are Doing
  • Make A Report For You Also
  • Compare & Analyze

#1. Find Actual Competitors

The first mistake that all of us make while analyzing digital marketing is not finding actual market competitors. Most of the people out there don’t know who their actual competitors are. If you don’t know your actual competitors then it won’t be good for your competitor’s analysis. You must have to make a list of competitors and their behavior. Many businesses in your niche will be startups and many would be much bigger companies. So, to make the analysis straightforward and meaningful, it’s instrumental to find the right ones.

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#2. Make A List Of Their Strengths

Now when you have the list of your actual competitors the next thing you have to do in the competitive analysis is to make a list of strengths of your competitors. But keep in mind here we are analyzing the digital marketing purpose only. So you have to figure out the things that are related to digital marketing. These things can be PPC campaigns, SEO, traffic, social media campaigns, etc. 

#3. See What They Are Doing

Now you have to see what your competitors are doing in actual. All of them will be doing different things on different platforms. There are thousands of digital marketing tactics to practice. So you must check all of the activities of your rivals in terms of digital marketing. See what they do and how they do. 

#4. Make A Report For You Also

Now the next step is to make a report for you also. You must have to note down things related to your digital marketing campaigns, strategies and plans. This report will be used later at the end of the competitive analysis in digital marketing. 

#5. Compare & Analyze 

The last but most important thing is to compare and analyze things. Now at this step, you have two reports. One is the base report which you have prepared using your data. The next report is your competitor’s report. Now compare everything and then analyze to make the final report. After the final report is prepared you to have to make an action plan to do better than your rivals.

Competitive analysis is not easy if you don’t have everything planned professionally. So always plan everything before you start analyzing your business with your competitors. You have to make a list of actual competitors and then figure out the activities that they do to improve their business with digital marketing services.