Zero day
Published by August 9th, 2022

How To Protect Your Business From Zero Day Attack?

Cyber-attacks have become increasingly worrisome for businesses of all types. In recent, cyber-attacks have increased exponentially. Hackers can ...

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GA 4
Published by July 15th, 2022

Google Analytics 4: Here’s Everything You Must Know

By July 2023, Google is moving all analytics setup to GA 4 or Google Analytics 4. It wants companies to run on this platform latest by July 2022,...

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Published by July 8th, 2022

Google’s Retail Search Is Something Ecommerce Businesses Should Know

Google launched a new tool for ecommerce stores brings Google technology to on-site search, helping shoppers find more relevant results & pro...

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First 15MB HTML Content Googlebot Crawls & Indexes
Published by July 5th, 2022

Google Clarifies Googlebot Crawl and Index the First 15MB of HTML Content Per Page

Google is notorious for rolling out updates that can create a lot of worry for marketers. These updates come about suddenly and impact each websi...

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Google Ad Rank
Published by June 29th, 2022

Google Ad Rank and The Proven Ways To Improve It

Google ad rank determines at what position a paid ad appears and if it’s eligible to appear in paid results at all. The search engine has v...

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Google Map Live Location
Published by June 24th, 2022

What Is Google Map Live Location And How To Use It?

Google Map live location enables a person to share their location in real time. A lot of the time, a person wishes to share their live location w...

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Google Search Operators
Published by July 22nd, 2022

Google Search Operators: What Are They And How Do They Help?

Search Engines have made it fairly simple for anyone to search for something and get results. You just type in the keyword or search query and ge...

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Google Word Coach Game
Published by August 10th, 2022

Google Word Coach: Everything You Need To Know

  Google Word Coach: Google Vocabulary Game Or Google Word Coach Game is a fun game introduced by Google in non-English speaking nations. Go...

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Add-me-to-Search, Google People Card
Published by August 10th, 2022

Add Me To Search: Create Your Personal Brand With Google People Cards

Add me to Search: One may wonder, is it possible to add myself to Google search? Well, with the availability of add me to Google search card, the...

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Published by June 10th, 2022

Customer Segmentation and Its Importance In Marketing Campaigns

Nowadays, audiences expect personalized marketing. As per research, 80% of customers are more likely to buy a product from a brand if they offer ...

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