PPC Strategy & Trends to Watch in 2022

| August 12th, 2022 | 1180 Views

PPC Strategy

In today’s time, PPC advertising is one of the most popular internet marketing models that allow businesses to execute paid promotions.

Back in 2020, about 65% of businesses used PPC campaigns in their digital marketing strategy.

With so much competition going around, you must stay competitive and ahead of the trends to generate the most competitive leads from your PPC campaigns.

You must stay updated with the latest trends and practices of PPC services.

In this way, your business would be witnessed by the right target audience.

Moreover, you would be generating great conversions for your ads.

So, in this blog, we would cover the PPC strategy & Trends to watch in 2022. Let us have a look:-

If you want to develop an effective PPC campaign, you must understand your target audience.

To start, you can take some time to understand your audience. Knowing who your target customer is, and who’s buying from you is always an ideal approach. Certainly, you will have a budget for your PPC campaign so you should know towards whom you are targeting your ads. You get more ROI from your ads when they are targeted and the audience is clearly defined.

For instance, the information they are searching for, the medium of interaction, buying factors, etc should be considered while targeting your ads to an audience. Google Analytics can provide you with ample information on who your target customer is. Understanding your products and services can also give you an idea of who your target customer is.

Images & keywords can help you out in reaching out to the right audience.

Thus, it is essential to understand your audience if you are looking out for a result-driven PPC campaign.

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  • Leveraging different platforms 

If you are looking to improvise your PPC campaigns, then you should not completely rely upon Google Ads search.

Instead, you should try out different platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to get the best results.

With Youtube’s Masthead, it is now possible to place a digital ad or billboard on Youtube. The ad gets placed on the Youtube homepage to reach a wider audience and is available on all devices. The ad also auto-plays for a few seconds and is ideal for mass reach.

Some of the other platforms that are entering slowly into PPC are Quora, Amazon, and LinkedIn.

Thus, they are going to play a significant role in PPC marketing in the years to come, so you should be on the lookout for more platforms for paid ads instead of just relying on the search engines.

  • Ads Data Hub

To measure the impact of ads across mobile devices, Google banned all third party pixel tracking applications on Youtube in 2020 because of security concerns. Google introduced Ads Data Hub that will enable marketers to measure the effectiveness of their ads across screens. With more personalized data, you can better direct your campaigns and make wise, informed decisions. Your ads can reach your ideal audience, the way they are intended to be.

  • Automation 

One of the best PPC strategies in the current time is the use of automation. It can help PPC marketers in several ways such as:-

  • Offering best bidding strategies for achieving different goals
  • Creating various performance reports
  • Creation of dynamic ads based on the content of the website
  • Specifying the CTR or click through rate of upcoming ads

With PPC automation, marketers can get their campaigns running in less budget & time. These ads with the help of AI & ML, can be automated which helps marketers effectively run their ad campaigns. The whole process of running an ad campaign can be automated and should be utilized by marketers this year.

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  • Video Ads utilization 

The use of videos in digital marketing has undoubtedly hiked in the past few years.

By 2021, it is expected that 80% of the traffic is going to come via Video Ads.

Additionally, it is seen that people remember video messages in a much better way as compared to text.

Thus, Video Ads should be a part of your PPC strategy in 2022.

One of the prominent examples of Video Ads is Instagram stories which are going to grow in 2022.

Moreover, VR(Virtual Reality) seems to be playing a huge role in video ads. With the help of VR, marketers intend to provide users with a real experience. Many marketers are now using VR to promote their products and services.

Hence, video ads are going to be big in 2022 because of the increasing consumption and interest and if executed well, they can render positive results for any business.

  • Voice Search

You might not be aware, but many people are shifting from text to voice search.

As per reports, 50% of the search queries are going to be voice-based by 2021.

These days, most people own a mobile device, and voice search works in a very effective way with mobile phones.

Hence, there is an excellent possibility of getting connected to the larger target audience and appearing in voice search results, if optimized for it. Ads that are not optimized for voice search don’t appear in voice search results. It’s also suggested to use call extensions on your ads to let the searchers directly call your business with a voice search.

Therefore, you should include Voice as a part of your PPC strategy in 2022.

  • Remarketing 

Remarketing is a technique in which ads are displayed to users who have visited your website or mobile app.

It stimulates your past customers to come back and make a purchase for the ad that they had seen.

Moreover, it can certainly help you if you are looking to increase your sales conversions as it redirects old potential buyers into making a purchase.

It has become a trend now, as it helps marketers target specific individuals and convince them to make a purchase from you. Therefore, you should definitely include remarketing in your 2022 PPC campaign.

  • Mobile optimization 

In the current time, you would still find websites that are not optimized for mobile phones which hinders their performance.

Similarly, if you wish to have a successful PPC campaign, you must opt for mobile optimization.

With mobile optimization, ads are perfectly visible on mobile phones and carry your message to your target audience as expected. You can use expanded text ads, the right ad extensions for mobiles, and effective writing practices, to make your ads optimized for the phones.

  • VR Ads

VR ads make use of innovative ways to promote paid ads. One example is eye-tracking technology where the ads start after gazing at it for a few seconds. With such innovative technologies, marketers have a chance of putting their message out in an innovative way. Moreover, VR ads are an effective way to target Millennials and Gen Z. With VR ads, paid campaigns can be innovatively directed at young individuals. Hence, focusing on VR ads for PPC campaigns is a move marketers should be making in 2022.

  • Smart Bidding

Smart bidding is a kind of advertising tool through which your ad campaigns can be improved.

Google Ads provides it, and it makes use of machine learning technology to optimize your ads.

Using this, you can select a bidding strategy to fulfill your business achievements & goals.

Some of the PPC goals that it can fulfill are:-

  • Creation of new leads as per cost per Acquisition
  • Generating better ROI for a particular strategy
  • Boosting the conversion rate to a large scale
  • Dynamic search ads

Dynamic search ads are an effective PPC strategy that you can implement in 2022.

In this, the content of your website is used to target the ads. Additionally, it also helps out in filling up the gaps in keyword-based campaigns.

For generating dynamic search ads, you can choose the landing pages, web pages, etc. An ad description is what’s required from you while creating the ad.

You need to ensure that the pages that you select from your website are consistent & content-rich as the same data gets used in the ad.

Google does an incredible job in long-tail keyword generation on dynamic search ads and hence, dynamic search ads, undoubtedly, should be a part of any modern PPC campaign.


In the current world, there is very stiff competition. Hence, you need to put in a lot of effort to stay ahead of the competition.

Above are some of the best PPC strategies & trends that businesses can apply in 2022 to promote services, or products through paid efforts.

We can assure you that you would get great results and all your marketing goals would be fulfilled if you carefully follow the measures that are explained in this blog.