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Google Word Coach: Everything You Need to Know About

| November 20th, 2023 | 17633 Views

Google Word Coach

Google Word Coach: Google Word Coach is a word game designed to help expand English-language vocabulary in a fun and engaging way.

Google Vocabulary Game Or Google Word Coach Game is a fun game introduced by Google in non-English speaking nations and also in India. Google Word Coach is a game that helps individuals get better at English vocabulary and learn new words in English.

It’s an interactive game available only on a mobile browser that appears when you search for it or search for the meaning of any word. This game is not available on a Desktop, tablet, or any other device and only appears on the phone.

Thus, the game aids individuals who don’t have English as their mother tongue.

This blog focuses on introducing you to the game and answering some common questions revolving around this game. Read this blog till the end to gain an extensive sense of the game.

What is Google Word Coach (गूगल वर्ड कोच)?

Google Word Coach

Google Word Coach is a quiz game designed to help you expand your English language vocabulary in a fun and engaging way. Google Word Coach usually appears under dictionary and translation boxes or when someone searches for “Google Word Coach” or “Word Coach” in the web browser.

Google Word Coach launched this month for non-English speaking countries and also for India. Also, It will come to other countries and languages in the future.

Google Word Coach is an exciting game introduced by Google as a way to enhance someone’s English vocabulary. Someone from a non-English background may find it hard to converse in English which is why this game can prove to be beneficial for them.

With a game-like setup, the Google Word Coach game (गूगल वर्ड कोच) is an interactive, and easy way for someone to learn English.

Google Vocabulary game also becomes visible when you search for a word on Google. It’s usually added below Google dictionary and translate boxes while viewing from a mobile. Simply, typing “word coach” can also make the Google Word game visible.

The game is built in a quiz-like format and the Word Coach game is available in other languages as well. Thus, a person can learn English in a stress-free environment with this game.

When Was The Google Word Coach Game Launched?

Google Word Coach was launched in February 2018. Countries such as the USA don’t have this feature enabled as they have English as their mother tongue.

Non-English speaking nations such as India do have this feature as someone from these nations is more likely to search for meanings and synonyms and hence, the game can prove to be beneficial for such individuals.

Google’s Official Statement On The Google Vocabulary Game

Google has been pretty enthusiastic about this game/feature. One of the spokespeople for Google on the launch of the game stated:

Google Word Coach

Google Word Coach is a quiz game designed by Google to help and expand the English Language and Vocabulary in a Fun and Engaging Way. It appears under our dictionary and translates boxes or when someone searches for ‘Google Word Coach’ or “Word Coach” or “गूगल वर्ड कोच” (in Hindi) on Google.

It launched in Feb 2018 for non-English speaking Countries and also in India. It will help people to expand their English Language vocabulary knowledge with quizzes in a fun way. Right Now It has been launched in India but in the future, it may come to other countries and in different languages also”.

What are the Benefits Of the Google Word Coach Game?

Google Vocabulary Game has a ton of benefits some of which are described below:

  • The game is informative and is built to improve English in an engaging, and easy manner.
  • It’s easy to access the game as it appears on any word’s meaning or by a simple Google search.
  • The game model works perfectly as it has a scoring system and levels. It motivates a person to do better in the game without pressurizing them in any way.
  • Google Vocabulary Game has a ton of resources and examples to genuinely aid the user.
  • It’s a game developed for all levels of English speakers. From proficient to novice everyone can improve their English with Google Vocabulary Game.
  • A person also boosts their employability chances with this game as candidates who are good at English are more likely to be hired in the corporate world.
  • If you’re learning English as a second language then this can vastly sharpen your brain. It’s noted that people who speak multiple languages have the better cognitive ability, and creativity and have far superior memory.
  • This game can boost your confidence and improve your communication skills as speaking in English is a vital social skill that can also improve one’s morale.

How To Open Google Word Coach (गूगल वर्ड कोच)?

There are mainly two ways to open the Google Word Coach game:

Step 1. Google Word Coach can be more commonly accessed when you type “Google Word Coach” or “गूगल वर्ड कोच” in the search query. Type this in the Chrome browser or you can do it on the Google App on your smartphone.

Google Word Coach Game

To ease this step, you can also type “Google Word Coach” in your mother tongue if the language is supported by the game.

Step 2. Simply search for the meaning of a word. The Word Coach Game should get displayed under the dictionary or the translation boxes.


Thus, it’s easy to access the fun, enjoyable, and educative game. Not just non-English speakers but even the ones who understand English well can play this game as a means to enhance their English language skills.

You can even email or share the scores of the game on your social media profile such as Facebook, and WhatsApp by clicking on the Share button. All score is lost once the browser is closed.

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How To Play Google Vocabulary Game?

Keep in mind the game cannot be downloaded from an app store. It’s only available in non-English-speaking countries and it opens up only on the browser.

Play Google Word Game

Here is some additional information that you must know while playing the Word Coach game:

  1. Usually, a red mark is given if the answer is wrong, and for the right answer green mark is displayed.
  2. You can also go past the wrong answer and play the next question.
  3. In case, you don’t know the right answer, you can always skip it. You can find the skip option in the Word Coach Google at the bottom right side.
  4. Most importantly, you can also access the explanation of the questions after a round is done. Regardless of the right or wrong answer, you get a clarification with an example for each question in that round.
  5. The game has no endpoint and after consecutive right answers, you get a level up. Thus, it’s the score that keeps on increasing motivating the user to do better.
  6. The score remains stored for a little while if you’re signed in to your Google account. Don’t shut the browser as it will start the Google Word Coach Game again and you can lose the score.
  7. There’s also no time restriction between the questions. An individual can play freely without any pressure.

If you wish to play the Google Word Coach Game in your language, you can do that as well. The game supports a large number of languages starting in 2020. Some of the languages available are French, Korean, Hindi, German, etc.

Follow these steps to enjoy Google Vocabulary Game in your language:

  1. Open the Chrome browser available on your mobile.
  2. Enter “Google Word Coach” or ‘Word Coach” and then hit on Enter.
  3. On the right-hand side, you should be able to view the translation result of the game. Click on the language and Google will automatically show the game in that language.
  4. At the bottom, you can also find some regional languages. Tap on the language and enjoy the game in your local dialect.

Keep in mind the vocabulary words would still appear in English. Hence, you can build your English vocabulary in your language.

Types Of Questions Asked In Word Coach Google (गूगल वर्ड कोच)?

There are mainly 3 types of questions that are available in the Google Word Coach Game. These questions are:

  • Synonym Question Quiz(Similar Words)
  • Antonym Question Quiz(Words that are opposite)
  • Image Quiz(Which image best defines the word)

The game starts easy but as the levels go up so does the complexity of the questions. The image questions are the easiest to answer in the Google Vocabulary game.

Each round of the game consists of 5 questions and two options are provided for each question. You can also skip the game by tapping on the Skip option if you don’t have the answer to any question.

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How Many Levels Are There In The Google Vocabulary Game?

The Google Word Game consists of two levels. After some initial rounds, you should see a level button. Clicking on it, you’ll enter the 2nd level which has no endpoint. After this, you can play for as long as you want.

Google Vocabulary Game Levels

After answering the 5 questions in round 1 of the Word Coach Game, you’ll enter the next round. The more the level, the harder the questions will get. If you successfully manage to give the right answer, you win around 200 points.

These scoring points are usually decided by the level and difficulty. Thus, occasionally, these points change to 180, 220, or even something more. Moreover, keep these things in mind for the point system of the Word Coach Google:

  • No negative points are recorded for the wrong answers.
  • The game increases the difficulty of the questions depending on your performance. Google Word Game automatically increases the complexity of the questions if you’ve conveniently answered the previous questions.

Shortcut For Google Word Coach Game

After finishing some rounds of the game, you should see a message or a sign arrow for adding a shortcut on your mobile screen. Thus, the game becomes visible on the phone home screen with this shortcut.

At the bottom left, while playing this game, a mark will be visible. Tap on it and an icon of the game will appear which you can place anywhere on your phone screen.

Thus, the shortcut icon is not disabled and rather becomes visible if you play the game from your phone browser window.

Apps That Are Similar To Google Word Coach

Some of the apps that are available online and are to similar Google Word Coach are:

  1. Word Up
  2. Sight Words Coach
  3. IELTS Word Power
  4. English Crossword Puzzle
  5. Learn English Words for Free
  6. Vocabulary Builder – Test Prep
  7. Word Coach

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is Google Word Coach?

Ans. Google Word Coach is a game designed to help you expand your English language vocabulary in a fun and engaging way. Google Word Coach appears under our google dictionary and translates boxes or when someone searches for “Google Word Coach” or “Word Coach“ in the web browser.

Q. How to play the Google Word coach game?

Ans. Google Word Coach is a fun and educational game for kids, adults, and students of all ages. You can practice spelling, reading comprehension, word prediction, and many other skills.

The main advantage of the game is that it helps you to improve your vocabulary. If you are thinking of how to play Google Word Coach, there are two types of options: Google dictionary and Word Coach.

These two games can help you learn new words faster than others. You can play on your PC or smartphone easily.

Q. Is it possible to download the Google Word Coach game?

Ans: No, it’s a browser-only game and cannot be downloaded.

Q. How do I open Google word coach?

Ans. Google Word Coach game comes in a little box that may appear in Google search when you type “Google Word Coach” or “Word Coach Game” in Google search. Then just below the Google Dictionary, you will get a little box of Google Word Coach game.

Q. How can I exit the game?

Ans: You can quit the game by simply exiting the browser.

Q. Will my score remain saved after I’ve quit the game?

Ans: You need to log in with your Gmail id and then play the game in one go. That’ll be your score. Once you quit your browser, the score won’t remain saved.

Q. Why is the Google Word Coach game popular?

Ans: Google Word Coach is an interactive, fun game to play that helps a non-English speaker learn the language easily. The game is enjoyable allowing the user to learn a language.

A person can gain a skill in an interesting manner that’s far from being tedious which is why the game is popular.

Q. Does the game enhance the vocabulary of an individual?

Ans: Yes, since the game is based on levels and it has no fixed end, an individual can learn a ton of new words and improve their vocabulary. Moreover, the scoring system motivates an individual to learn and play the game even more.

Q. Can a beginner play this game?

Ans: Absolutely! No proficiency is required whatsoever. From beginner to intermediate to advanced, all levels of English speakers can play this game, have fun, and learn a word or two.

Q. How can I get better at the Google Word Coach game?

Ans: You get better with practice. Google Word coach game is no exception and the more you play, and practice, the better you get at it. The more correct answers you provide, the higher the score.

Q. What is the highest score on Google Word Coach?

Ans. It’s difficult to determine the highest score ever on Google Word Coach. The highest Google Word Coach score reported till date is 600360 points. However, let us know if you or someone else has scored more than this.


Google Word Game is an exciting way to get better at English introduced by Google. People with varied proficiency can enjoy the Google Word Coach game (गूगल वर्ड कोच).

It’s convenient to access this game as it’s available on the mobile browser. The game has ample resources and examples and is a great initiative by Google to enhance English skills amongst individuals from non-English speaking countries.

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