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A Trusted WordPress Development Company in India, Builds Stunning Website

Are you looking for a WordPress development company in India? Your search stops here! We at EZ Rankings, create stunning websites that attract your audience, drive engagement, and leave a lasting impression.

We are an ideal company for all your work regarding WordPress, whether it be a blog or a website. As one of India's top WordPress Development Companies, we bring uniqueness, originality, and flexibility to your projects.

Before diving into the world of WordPress website development, let's understand why it's essential for you. WordPress development is a user-friendly CMS (content management system) allowing users to manage and create websites easily. We are well aware of the ever-growing market of custom Website development. Therefore, we at EZ Rankings aim to provide insight into the working of WordPress development.

WordPress offers customization options to tailor your website to your specific requirements. Our CMS platform not only ensures user-friendly and manageable websites but also provides cost-effective solutions.

Hire EZ Rankings for SEO-friendly WordPress development services, guaranteeing a website that not only ranks well but also delivers exceptional performance.

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With our web development services India we have developed customized web development strategies to create software applications on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to improve accessibility, engagement, revenue, efficiency, and Brand building. So, here's we've set the bar high and these are some of our Featured web development Projects on which you can have a look:



Meraki group has been a conglomerate in the fields of Real Estate Sector, Sport Services & Food / Beverages. Our mission is to lead in all the sectors we are in and to service the UAE

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Dental Works Clinic

Meraki group has been a conglomerate in the fields of Real Estate Sector, Sport Services & Food / Beverages. Our mission is to lead in all the sectors we are in and to service the UAE

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Our WordPress Development Process:

Our WordPress development process includes research and planning for client requirements, user-friendly design, three-tier coding, testing, and launch, followed by security and maintenance steps.

Research & Planning

Research & Planning

Our initial research focuses on understanding our client's target users to maximize their benefits. After research phase, we assist our customers in planning and organizing their website layout based on the latest trends.

Design & Development

Design & Development

Our designers draw out ideas, themes, and designs to meet customer requirements. While our developers, on the other hand, bring your conceptual ideas into reality. Our team use various coding and tech languages like CSS, HTML, PHP, etc.

Testing / Launch

Testing / Launch

Our WordPress developers recheck the website for potential bugs and issues affecting its functionality. Our various levels of testing ensure the efficiency and reliability of WordPress website development.

Maintenance / Support

Maintenance / Support

After going live, your website requires ongoing maintenance to prevent issues. Our maintenance involves bug fixes and timely Plugin updates to ensure seamless functionality.

More Than a Web Development Agency

We are a trusted custom Indian web development company and also your holistic digital partner. By that we mean, we’re more than a web development company. EZ Rankings provides complete digital solutions to help a business escalate its online presence, and sales.


Web Design

If you want dedicated web design services, we provide that as well. If your website needs a makeover, consider our web designing services.

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App Development

Whether your business requires a hybrid, native, or web app, we can deliver a mobile-friendly, customized app for your business.

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For your business branding, we adopt numerous channels such as social media, and content, helping improve user perception of your business.

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Digital Marketing

We provide 360 digital services which include services such as PPC, content, social media marketing, SEO, Email marketing, and more.

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Why EZ Rankings as Your WordPress Development Company?

We, EZ Rankings, are a popular WordPress development company in India. EZ Rankings aims to deliver quality and creative web solutions to its clients. We are a dedicated team that produces the latest tech solutions for all businesses seeking WordPress website development services. If you have any doubts still, let's resolve them:

Two decades of experience

Skilled WordPress Developers

At EZ Rankings, our skilled team customizes websites to perfection, considering themes, goals, and user desires. We focus on engaging features and excel in coding, troubleshooting, security, and creating high-performing websites with custom themes.

Wide Variety of Niches

High Coding Standard

Our skilled team offers top-quality coding follows best practices for software development, and provides constant maintenance, updates, high coding standards, advanced security, and proactive issue detection for improved search engine rankings.

No Contracts

Website / Server Maintenance

We prioritize website and server maintenance, ensuring optimal performance. Our WordPress development services stay updated with the latest tech for top features. We offer server maintenance, including meta tag updates, bug fixing, content management, and more.

Strong Understanding

Meet Deadlines

We ensure all our projects receive timely delivery. We provide a well-planned structure, proficient working, and balanced task decisions ensuring the company meets all its deadlines. This feature helps us stay in tune with the competitive world and overcome all challenges.

Result Oriented


With open communication, teamwork, and a clear understanding of client projects, we ensure the best results. Our transparent approach involves clear discussions, client and user feedback, ensuring websites move forward successfully.

White-hat Practices

Amazing Customer Support

Best WordPress development company excels in delivering consistent assistance and dedication. Our commitment includes continuous support throughout the website development process, ensuring an exceptional customer experience.

Why You Need to Choose WordPress Development Services?

With our WordPress development services, you can easily manage, maintain, and update your website. Let's explore a few points why opting for WordPress website development is essential.

Choosing a WordPress Development Company: Key Considerations

Explore the following critical aspects before finalizing your decision on a WordPress development company in India. These factors will guide you in making a well-informed and beneficial choice for your website development endeavours.

What is WordPress development?

WordPress development services involve creating and enhancing websites using the WordPress platform. This includes designing user-friendly interfaces, implementing features, and tailoring sites to specific needs. Whether for blogs, businesses, or e-commerce, these services bring digital visions to life, ensuring a compelling online presence.

Why WordPress Development?

WordPress development is selected for its adaptability, easy-to-use interface, and extensive customization options. It enables businesses with responsive, scalable websites, and content management. WordPress is SEO-friendly, contributing to improved online visibility. With a vast library of themes and plugins, it suits diverse needs. Its community support and regular updates ensure security and optimal performance, making it an ideal choice for efficient, feature-rich website development.

WordPress Development Charge?

The charges for a WordPress development service can differ a lot. It depends on things like how experienced they are, where they're located, and how complicated your project is. For hourly work, it can be between $20 and $200. For fixed projects, it can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Talk to our developers about your project for more accurate pricing.

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FAQs + more

EZ Rankings excels in WordPress website development by combining creativity and expertise. Our team customizes themes, integrates plugins, and ensures a continuous website tailored to your unique needs.

EZ Rankings stands out with a dedicated team, offering a range of services from theme customization to plugin development. We prioritize creativity, user-friendliness, and client satisfaction.

EZ Rankings prioritizes website security. We implement best practices, conduct regular security audits, and provide ongoing updates to protect your WordPress site from potential threats.

We provide comprehensive support and maintenance, ensuring your WordPress site remains up-to-date and functional. We address issues promptly, offering peace of mind for continuous performance.

Our developer specializes in WordPress theme customization, tailoring themes to match your brand identity. Our experts ensure your website stands out with a unique and engaging design.

Attention: EZ Rankings does not offer part-time job offers or channel subscription tasks via WhatsApp, Telegram, or any other chat platforms. Beware of fraudulent solicitations.