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How to Write Engaging Mobile PPC Ads

| June 12th, 2020 | 2165 Views

Statistics reveal that 53% of paid clicks come from mobile devices. The number of mobiles sold is increasing every year. Today, the maximum number of people searches for something online using their mobile phones. Well, we will all agree that we stay glued to our phones most of the time. So, it only makes sense for the marketers to focus on creating PPC ads optimized specifically for mobile phones. You can benefit significantly from mobile-specific PPC ads only if you can create eye-catchy and engaging content. This blog will help you to understand what you need to do to write appealing mobile PPC ads.

1. Write an interesting heading

The user will only read the PPC ad if it has an attention-grabbing headline. With a common and boring headline, your audience will simply ignore it. Below are some tips that can help you in writing catchy headlines:

  • Include digit or numbers
  • Write it in a question form
  • Include your keyword
  • Make the readers excited with your headline
  • Consider what matters to the audience and write the heading accordingly
  • Demonstrate why readers should read your ad

Use the above tips to create appealing headings and boost the engagement rate right away.

2. Include special offers

Who doesn’t love discounts? Your audience will be more pleased to read your ad if you mention instant assignment offers and discounts. There are enough consumers who look for exciting deals and offers. Hence, if you include or mention the offers and discounts on both the heading and descriptions, users will be very intrigued to click on the link.

3. Use a call-to-action

Sometimes, consumers like to be told what to do. Statistics show that personalized and strong CTAs can boost conversion rates by more than 202%. Thus, if you want to make your mobile PPC ad effective and successful, you should include a call to action in it. This will obviously help in making the ad more appealing.

4. Include call extensions

Google says, including phone numbers in your ad enhances the click-through rate by 6%-8%. While writing the mobile PPC ad, you should add call extensions and location extensions (if necessary). When the users see your PPC ad while searching for your brand specifically, they may get enticed to call you. Hence, you should make sure that they can call you just by seeing your ad. This way, you can make your ad quite appealing to the users.

5. Incorporate the main advantages in the description

Focus on the primary advantage that the consumers will receive from your product or service. For a mobile searcher, the advantage can be related to the location, time, or distance. However, you should aim at keeping the description of the ad short, which will be appropriate for the small screen of Smartphones.

6. Include the prices in the ad

One of the first things that any consumer looks for is the price. Hence, including details about it will surely help you to grab the attention of the readers. Including just the discount rate may confuse the audience about how much they have to pay for the service or product. This will ensure that only those users will click on your ad who will be able to afford the mentioned price. This means that you will be paying for only those clicks that will lead to a sale.

7. Make the most of message extensions

You should use message extensions if you have a small to medium sized business. Using it will assist you in reacting to the text messages that the potential customers send. When you use the message extension, the searcher clicks on a button, “text us for more information,” and the answer reaches to the searcher through email or text message. There is also the option, using which the marketer can provide the searcher with options for different return messages that they can send.

8. Provide maximum convenience to the users

You must make mobile shopping convenient for the users. For this, you can add a sign-up button in the ad and convey the same message in the ads. You can also add a one-click payment option to help the users complete the transaction process much easily.

9. Include physical location

You should also make it easier for the users to learn about your physical location (if you have one). By including the location, the searcher can detect the location and get in touch with you, if necessary. This is also important because there are many users who search for products or service, including “location near me” in their search query. It will be better if you include the distance, street name and city, and working hour. The physical location also decides which users will be clicking on your mobile PPC ads.

10. Link to the website

You should always include the link to your website in the PPC Services ad. This will help the searchers to get relevant content about your company from your website.


The PPC ads you make can influence the growth of your company largely. Reaching out to the right audience and converting them on a mobile device can bring you desirable results for your business. However, if you don’t write engaging ads, it will be a total waste of your time and effort. Hence, you must utilize all the tips mentioned in this blog to make your ad a success.

Author’s Bio:
Alley John is a senior digital marketing manager currently working in an MNC. He has previously assisted many popular brands to increase their sales. He has also spoken on many important platforms. In his free time, he likes to discover new places.

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