facebook Is Google Testing Out a new colour of Ad Label for its PPC Ads
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Is Google Testing Out a new colour of Ad Label for its PPC Ads

| February 25th, 2019 | 1806 Views

The present-day digital marketing scenario is increasingly warming up to the concept of integration. Terms such as ‘marketing stack integration’ is creating quite some buzz in the digital landscape and companies are steadily moving towards strengthening their enterprise-level infrastructure.

As one of the leading global search engine networks, Google always strives hard towards staying ahead in the market competition. Whether it is tech renovations or user experiences, the company never misses a chance of making things easier for users. Most importantly, the company believes in driving growth and innovation for itself, by ensuring user satisfaction. And that’s what makes them the front-runners in the digital landscape.

The Proposition

Of late, the most recent piece of news about Google is doing the rounds. Users doubt that the company might have incorporated a new change in its appearance. Some of the users in the UK express their thoughts on this brand new change implemented by the brand.

Users in Europe noticed that the color of PPC ad labels has transformed to green. At the first instance, there were quite a lot of apprehensions about the news. Since only users of a certain geographical area were able to witness this change, doubts about its authenticity were quite inevitable.

With users from countries such as Sweden and the UK experiencing this shift, it clearly seems to be a European thing. However, many US users also claimed to have witnessed this change in ad label colors.

Going by these reports, the change seems to be targeted towards a handful of users. However, that might not be the case at all.

Just a test?

With some of the Google users reporting the change, it seems that the company is just testing a brand new ad label color, which means, the green color might not come into real application and practice.

Before considering this color change, it will be imperative to take a look at the previous ad label color used by Google. The company had popularized yellow-colored ad labels before this green color came into application and testing.

Probable Reasons Behind the Change

Although the purpose of this sudden color change is not quite clear, users are coming up with exclusive theories in this context. At the apparent level, every argument seems to indicate towards this being a test. However, there are different lines of thoughts as well:

  • UX Testing: User Experience or UX happens to be one of the integral parts of web platforms. Google is no exception and the brand continuously tries its best to ensure unsurpassed user experience. During normal UX testing, various colors happen to be present as well as considered, thus determining their effectiveness as Call-to-Action.
  • Driving clicks for advertisers: Another possible reason might be Google’s aim of driving more clicks for advertisers, which will inevitably result in huge revenues for the platform.
  • Colour match: Judging by appearances, the green color of the ad label seems to blend seamlessly with the green-colored text in the URL. Now that might prove to be another potential reason.

With this latest news turning out to be the talk of the tech town, all we can do is wait for its future.

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