facebook Digital Marketing Entered The Age Of The Agent Layer
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Digital Marketing Entered The Age Of The Agent Layer

| February 25th, 2019 | 1637 Views

With the grand launch of its Messenger platform, Facebook entered into an entirely new marketing arena. The platform heralds the availability of a brand new bots ecosystem capable of taking user interactions to unsurpassed heights. In simple words, Google desires to transport users to the age of Agent Layer.

The digital landscape is increasingly warming up to the concept of intelligent agents. With some of the leading ecommerce stores embracing this bots technology, digital marketing is truly entering into a unique phase. However, we must take a look at the chronological development of these smart digital agents.

From Then To Now

Until now, online marketing was restricted to delivery of push notifications, advertising, content marketing, web pages, as well as emails. Even if brands wished to convey anything special to the target audience, there was hardly anything more than social media to do so. In a nutshell, there was a serious lack of personalized approaches.

It is these gaps that automated bots aim to fill up. With their emergence, users will have the opportunity of seeking help from virtual assistants and smart agents.

1. Say ‘C’ for Conversation

Try answering this question. How would you feel to enter into a brick-and-mortar store and help yourself in the shopping endeavor? Will it be better than having a highly knowledgeable store assistant by your side?

Perhaps, the answer is no. It’s highly convenient to seek help from store helpers assisting shoppers day in and out. They will render useful assistance in identifying your specific requirements, thus helping you achieve a great shopping experience.

2. Increased Convenience

Digital bots extend useful assistance in ways more than one. Forget about moving into a single shop; imagine entering into a shopping mall with numerous stores in it. How about meeting a sales associate right at the time you step into the mall? The person can help you identify your particular interests along with introducing you to other sales bots.

As the result, you will gain access to products or services you actually need. However, the prime emphasis should always be on conversation. Bots are there to build effective communications with you.

3. Discovering Your True Needs

Purchasers will land up their preferred choices, only if they are capable of utilizing the power of bots. You might ask about the availability of a certain product, but that will be of little use. Rather, the approach should be different. You must frame questions that revolve around your topic.

Say, for instance, your purchase queries must be something like ‘What do I need to build a deck? In simple words, the emphasis should be on striking, engaging conversations.

Conversations happen to be of great use when it comes to product sales and purchase. With smart and intelligent shopping agents striking effective conversations with you, you will enjoy an unparalleled shopping experience, sans the intrusion.

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