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Industry :

Yadav Solutions, Inc



Project Overview

Before partnering with EZ Rankings, Yadav Solutions, Inc attempted to get an online presence in the USA market, as a new start-up they require an SEO marketing firms to promote their Services in New York. However, the results did not meet expectations.

As a service provider, Yadav Solutions, Inc required the right combination of marketing knowledge and digital media experience to improve its SEO rankings as well as boost its brand presence. EZ Rankings comes with a game-changing solution to meet the marketing objectives of the client.

Yadav Solutions, Inc - SEO Client
Our Recent Results


LL84 Penalties 3
LL87 Extension 5
Local Law 87 Firm 6
LL87 Deadline 8
LL87 Compliance 8

Organic Presence

The biggest problem was competing with organic positioning on HIGHLY competitive keywords like - Cape Coral Home Builders, Cape Coral Builders, and rest of keywords were not on Page 1 of Google India. 

Yadav Solutions, Inc - SEO Client

Quality Traffic

Traffic & in-fact quality traffic was the 2nd major problem when we took over the work. Bounce rates, Page Speed, Avg. session duration are the other associated areas where they want to improve the website.

SEO-Friendly Website

The website was not SEO friendly, so we needed to start work on the website from scratch. Also, there was no content on the website.

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