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The Growth of Video Marketing and Why Your Business Needs It

| March 3rd, 2021 | 1803 Views

Recently all of the content marketing strategies have been shifting towards video streaming. YouTube was opened in 2005 and since that it has opened up the video scene, including self-expression for everyone. This means that companies also started going this way by creating their own profiles to showcase their content. These days video marketing is growing and it is essential that your business has its own part it is to keep yourself afloat.


You need to remember that your brand isn’t something that is stagnant, especially when it comes to strategy, but you need to breathe some life into it. You can use video marketing to help bring your brand back to life since you can create stunning videos that would intrigue your viewers. If you are looking for a marketing strategy that is going to be intriguing, yet fun and informative, then this is the way to go.

Everyone will be able to access the videos, which would allow you to hit your target audience and much more. Also, the comments and reactions from both your viewers and your company will be instant and you would be able to communicate easily. Communication and connecting with your customers are extremely important in this technology-based era.


Statistics about Video Marketing

There are numerous statistics about video marketing that will help you to see that your business needs to ensure that they are using videos for marketing. Some of them that you need to consider includes:

  • 90% of all consumers have indicated that videos have directly influenced their purchasing decisions
  • 92% of the videos that are seen on mobile phones have been shared when compared to other modes of viewing
  • 95% of the consumers retained the communicated information after the video compared to 10% who retained the information after reading
  • Companies that have utilized the experience of video content have experienced an increase of 41% in terms of traffic via web searches when compared to those who aren’t using videos in their marketing
  • Marketing experts say that videos are the best ROI or return on investment at around 51.9%

There are plenty of platforms that you might want to target when it comes to your videos, including the hottest social media sites. 49% of viewers see the videos on Facebook, while 32% watch them on YouTube with 24% viewing them through Instagram, another 22% watch them on Twitter and 22% also watch videos on Snapchat. This is just one of the top reasons that your videos need to be posted on various types of social media sites.

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You might think that you can get away without using videos as your marketing strategy, but these days there are more and more requirements. Your business will see a direct increase in their ROI when it comes to videos, especially if they use them over all of the social media platforms. Also, this is a great way to ensure that your customers are able to communicate with you quickly and remember the information that you are giving them in the video.