facebook What Is Crawl Budget And How It Affects The SEO?
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What Is Crawl Budget And How It Affects The SEO?

| September 27th, 2023 | 2031 Views

The increasing use of SEO has seen an increase in the crawl budget. It mainly goes through and analyses the content of a website checking its relevancy to its linked pages and the subject mentioned. The scary-looking term has a quite easy meaning and is easily comprehensible when explained. The crawl budget is mainly decided by a crawler like Googlebot. A crawler is nothing but a bot of search engines that makes sure to search out a certain page’s meaning to find relevant information regarding inquiries made by users. There are many different aspects to the crawl budget. To understand it’s effect on SEO, it is important to know about the crawl budget and its effects to comprehend its meaning in totality.

What is Crawl Budget?

Having a proper understanding of the crawl budget for SEO not only helps you to create a strategy better than your competitors but it also helps to index the pages on your website properly and easily. This makes searching more time-saving and the relevancy of a search is increased. To put it in simpler terms crawl budget is the total number of pages that a search engine will crawl through within a given amount of time any day. However, the crawling can take weeks as well and a page is not always spidered on a site instantly. The total budget is determined mostly by the number of errors encountered the size of a site and the number of times that Googlebot crawls combing for pages through the website. It is an automated digital surfer that crawls through a website looking for relevant pages to add for indexing.


A crawl budget takes time to form and there are various factors that affect the crawl budget over time. The crawl rate limit and the crawl demand are all taken together to determine the crawl budget for a website. Also, the size of the website is taken into account as for smaller websites a crawl budget of a lesser value is allotted by Google than that of a bigger site.

  • Crawl Rate Limit is an important factor affecting the crawl budget as this limit determines the pace of Google crawling through pages so as not to hurt the server by being too fast.
  • The next factor affecting the crawl budget is Crawl Demand. It determines the number of times that Google wants to crawl depending on the popularity of the pages. It also depends on how old the content is in the Google
  • Each and every URL is unique although when a URL is added with parameters and crawled through, it goes back to the same page sometimes which can consequently cause an increase in crawl budget although all these URLs might yield the same pages.
  • Duplicate content having a unique URL but the same resulting pages also affects the crawl budget adversely.
  • Although Soft 404 error pages are reported against in the Search Console, they too have an impact on the crawl budget.
  • The crawl budget is also found to be limited where the sites and pages have been hacked.
  • Pages that require infinite spaces and have unlimited links like a calendar make Googlebot waste its budget.
  • Also if the content quality of a page is poor then Googlebot will automatically limit its budget.

Crawl Budget for-SEO

The popularity of a page, the quality of its content, and preventing it from becoming stale in the Google index are also two of the main determinants of the crawl budget for SEO.

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How to Optimize Your Crawl Budget?

There are several ways in which you can optimize your crawl budget now that you have a better understanding of the crawl budget for SEO. You can use free tools to find out any SEO-related problems on your site and fix them accordingly and also make sure that your pages are crawlable as sometimes using technology like AJAX makes it difficult for Googlebot to go through. Limiting redirects, avoiding the use of URL parameters, and eliminating broken links also help to maintain a good crawl budget. The other factors that give a boost to the crawl budget are internal linking of your pages, using external links, having a good server speed, and having cached pages for faster loading of the page. Last but not least is a must check on the PageSpeed Insights Tool to know about your page speed to ensure optimization of page load speed.


The crawl budget is the consequence of crawl demand and crawl rate. This crawling is limited by the content supposed to be crawled and sometimes bigger sites are given more crawl budget. So, now that you have a better understanding of the crawl budget for SEO and its effects, you can look into any pending issues and strategize your optimization of the crawl budget accordingly to help your website flourish.

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