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How To Sell SEO Packages For Businesses of All Types?

| July 14th, 2023 | 1216 Views

Sell SEO Packages

SEO packages are a great way to sell a group of SEO services to your clients. Most professional digital marketing agencies offer SEO packages as a way to provide SEO services to their clients. However, there’s a way to provide or to serve SEO packages to your clients. So, if you don’t have experience selling SEO packages or are new to this, this blog will prove to be informative. It’s also a great guide for anyone who wants to get more out of their SEO packages.

Factors To Keep In Mind While Selling SEO Packages

SEO packages are a great way to acquire more customers. With SEO packages, you get to bundle and arrange your SEO services and present them to your customers in a better way. To sell them proficiently, here are a few tips you should keep in mind:

1. Keep Your Approach Personalized

While selling SEO packages to your clients make sure to offer them the package that’s best suited for their business model. SEO services should be grouped and divided as such. There’s no point in offering Local SEO services to an e-commerce business.

Even in e-commerce, it depends on the scale of the business. A small, local e-commerce business would require aggressive SEO tactics. On the other hand, a mid to large e-commerce business would have different requirements altogether.

No one likes generalized solutions these days and everyone prefers a customized approach. Every business is different and hence, they require different SEO services.

Therefore, being an SEO provider it’s your job to sell them the best SEO package most suitable for their business that covers all the essential services they require. Therefore, gather data on their business, their competition, and then offer them the best SEO package that solves their problems and allows them to witness exponential growth.

2. Showcase Client Testimonials And Case Studies

It’s essential to gather client testimonials and case studies of your work. If you have this data on your website and can show it to your clients, it becomes easy for you to sell your SEO packages.

Individuals don’t fall for talks these days. You’ve got to have data to prove your authority. Seeing that you’ve done well for other businesses, the clients feel confident to work with you. Removing any trace of doubt is important.

What separates a professional SEO agency from a regular one are its services and experience. With client testimonials, SEO results, and case studies you’re proving your experience and expertise with numbers and facts.

You can easily share them with your clients through links or in any form required as and when. Therefore, have data ready when it’s time to prove. Make sure to even share some work samples with them if required. You can even share client testimonials on websites such as LinkedIn. Make a video of it as well, and you can share it on YouTube, hence, doubling down on your client base.

Note: Don’t just put SEO packages on your website. Make them a part of your social media strategy, get press releases done for them, etc. In short, make sure to put the word out for your SEO packages. Build content around them and promote.

3. Perfect Your Cold Emails

Emails are time-consuming and have a high chance of getting ignored. Running a campaign to sell your SEO packages cannot be fruitful if you don’t do it right. Therefore, there’s a need to adjust your Email template and stand out from others.

First and foremost, have a powerful catchy subject line. Nothing dull can work and it has to grab the attention of the reader. To get better at finding the right Email template, do A/B testing. Try one and if it doesn’t work, try the other. Keep on trying until you see some success.

Don’t add or use words such as “Free” or “Best Price”, anything too out there doesn’t work. Instead, your emails should reflect a sign of help. The one that understands their pain points. In short, be a problem solver and offer a helping hand to your customers. Your emails should also include your Social handles and contact information so that it’s easy for them to connect with you. Lastly, add meaningful CTA’s or Call To Action to acquire conversions from your promotional emails.

4. Offer Them A Site Audit

Offering them a free service, in the beginning, can help them see your expertise. Giving them a site audit will help them understand what’s wrong with their website. Helping them for free at this stage can prove to be beneficial, as this way you can straightaway introduce your SEO packages.

A site audit involves checking what’s wrong with the website. You can use tools such as Google Search Console, Ahrefs, and more to gather data on your client’s website.

A site audit involves checking for broken links, how the search engines, and users perceive your website, page loading speed, and more. With this data in hand, it’s easy to offer your clients meaningful solutions.

They are more likely to rely on your solutions when you give them this service. It is only a matter of time after this you introduce them with a relevant SEO package.

5. Be Willing To Listen

Communication in any client-business interaction is the key. You can lose them here or gain them with this tactic. If you’ve followed the above steps, you’ve won half the battle, but communication plays a crucial role.

Any client would want to work with a digital marketing agency that listens. Everyone wants to feel heard, and it is for this reason going for a sympathetic approach is much better. Rather than being all about yourself, you should always focus on providing personalized solutions.

Tell them about your achievements, no doubt it sets your internet marketing agency apart. But at one point, the customer wants their personalized solutions. Make them feel heard and you can win them over in no time.


With these tips in mind, you can easily sell SEO packages to your target clients. Selling SEO services in form of SEO packages is a great move for any business but you can get more with them by following the measures mentioned in this blog.

The more you sell, the better you’ll get at it but keeping these pointers in mind can give you a head start or better your process if you’re doing it for a while.