facebook SEO Process: An SEO Steps To Improve Your Online Presence
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SEO Process – A Step By Step Guide To Improve Your Online Presence

| October 6th, 2023 | 3058 Views

SEO Process -How to Do Competitive Analysis

When we talk about digital marketing or online marketing, the first thing that comes to our mind is SEO. This is because the whole sector is talking too much about SEO. There are millions of pages online talking about SEO tips and tricks. But the thing to worry is that there are very few articles, blogs or pages on the SEO process. So if you are looking for an SEO process, then you will find very few posts about it. That is why most of the self-learners know about SEO and SEO tips, but they don’t know how to do SEO for a website. 

Search engine optimization is a very simple thing to understand. We optimize our content, pages, platforms, and accounts according to the search engines and their set parameters. But there is something more important than just a definition. The problem with search engine optimization is that people know everything about it. Because it seems easy when you are learning it. But when it comes to practical implementation, then you will find that the whole SEO process is not that easy. Because there are so many real-time issues that come in your way to refrain you from achieving results. So you must have to do it practically. Here we are with the complete SEO process. So let’s jump to the main section of this post. 

Complete SEO Process

Here we will discuss the complete process of SEO. We will let you know the very first thing that you have to do while starting the search engine optimization process. If you follow these steps, you will find it very easy to do SEO for any website. A little bit of change will be there in your SEO campaign. But the basics remain always the same. So you can follow these steps without any doubt. 

#1. Planning

The first thing you have to do in SEO is planning. Not only SEO but anything you have to do in your life, you must have a plan prepared for it. Without a plan, you cannot go forward. So here we recommend you to start with planning. You should make a plan which mentions what you need to achieve, what kind of SEO you want, and all the things that you are going to do or want to do in your SEO plans.

#2. Audit

The next step is an audit. However, some of the major blogs on digital marketing will tell you that an audit is the first thing that you need to do in an SEO campaign. Because some marketers choose to audit the website or platform, then they make plans according to the reports generated after the audit. So it depends upon you what seems good to you.

#3. Analyzing

An SEO audit will generate results and reports. A lot of insights, metrics, and data will be there to analyze. The analyzing process should be taken seriously. You must hire someone who is experienced in analyzing audit reports. Because these analyses will let you know what to do next. From your goals to your tasks, you will set all parameters hereafter analyzing properly. That is why we recommend you to do it in the monitoring or under the guidance of some experts.

#4. Setting Goal

Now you have done with auditing, planning, and analyzing. Now the time is to set the goals for your SEO campaign. Some SEO campaigns are targeted for traffic only. While some others work for lead generation. There are different goals for the different websites. If you are a website that delivers news-related content, then maybe you are looking for subscribers through the SEO campaign or you are looking for the traffic. On the other hand, if you are an e-commerce website, then you will be looking for more sales through your promotional campaign or SEO campaign. Must set goals for yourself before you start the whole SEO process. 

#5. Keyword Research

Keyword research is a key part of the whole search engine optimization process. You can never skip this because without proper keywords you cannot target the audience and you cannot achieve the required results. Also, it is very important to get keywords researched by a team of experts or at least an expert SEO analyst. Because the right keywords will bring the right audience, and if your keywords are not right for you, then you will get less or unusual traffic. 

#6. Technical SEO

The first step in SEO and its process is technical SEO. Technical SEO consists of so many things. From meta descriptions, URL optimization, site map and its submissions, etc. all these are part of technical SEO. Technical SEO is a must to do thing in the process of SEO. 

#7. Content Optimization

Optimizing your content is important because content is the king and optimization is important for it. You must optimize your content before you publish it on any platform of your company. No matter if it is social media or your website. You must optimize it with proper keywords. 

#8. Achieving Goals

When you will start publishing your pages and your content, you will start getting results out of it. You will find that you are achieving goals easily. But there will be so many issues in the process. So you may need an expert team or help from an expert to achieve results. 

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Things To Consider

You can see that the process of doing search engine optimization for your website is not that hard. It is very simple for all the website owners. But still, you will need someone expert in search engine optimization. There are a few important things that you need to consider while doing SEO. Following are these important things related to SEO. 

User Experience

All the search engines have announced that the user experience is going to be the major metric to be used while ranking sites on SERPs. So must pay attention to user experience. 

Search Engine Update

Always keep checking updates from search engine optimization. Because it will help you keep your SEO campaign aligned and updated with search engine algorithms. 

Advanced Techniques

Artificial intelligence, cloud, machine learning, and a lot of other techniques are being used by SEO analysts. You should also use some advanced techniques to get the desired results. 

Mobile Optimization

Optimizing your website for mobile devices is very important. More than 70% of internet browsers come from mobile devices and this number is increasing every day. So you must pay attention to mobile optimization. Without mobile optimization, your SEO campaign won’t be successful. 

Search engine optimization is not easy, but it can become easy if you follow the actual process and do everything after proper planning. That is why we have included planning in the above-mentioned actual SEO process. You can follow all of these steps and start working on the SEO part of your website. The major thing that you have to keep in mind is that user experience is important. Also, you need to know that SEO takes time. So you should have patience while opting for SEO services. it may take time to show you the results of your SEO campaign. 

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