facebook URL Structure & Its Importance in SEO - What, Why & How?
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URL Structure & Its Importance in SEO – What, Why & How?

| July 14th, 2023 | 1953 Views

URL structure

Search engine optimization is a common thing for webmasters these days. But when it comes to the more sections under SEO then most of the people make a big mistake. This mistake is about URL structure. Most of the people forget about paying attention to this section of search engine optimization. But it is not fair to forget about this very important factor. But the question is how an URL can impact the whole SEO campaign? Do you think that the URL and its structure impact SEO?

A lot of digital marketing companies are out there and most of them talk about all the important factors involved in SEO. But some small agencies think that URL and its structure is not that important. But it is not the truth. The structure is very important and it will give you very good results in your SEO campaign. Experienced digital marketers and agencies know that the URL has its value. Not only it is aligned well with the other SEO factors. But it is individually important for any website. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know much about URL and its structure. We will let you know how you can use the URLs in a better way and how you can make it more useful for your SEO campaign. So without wasting any time let’s get to the point and discuss the URL, its structure and overall value of the URLs. 

More About URL

Before we start analyzing URL and its impact we need to know more about it. Before we jump to the URL and its importance in SEO services and digital marketing. We need to pay attention to the basics of the URL. What is the URL and how it is a key factor of any website? Also, a big question is how the URL plays a significant role in online marketing. 

What Is An URL?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator and it is a unique link or address given to any web page on the internet. We browse all the websites through URLs. In common language, people know it as links. It is known as a link because it links one web page or website with other webpages. It is similar to a physical location address. Internet users fill up URLs in their web browsers, and their browser client takes them to the exact location of that URL. 

For example: 


What Is The Difference Between HTTP And HTTPS URL

Some URLs start with HTTP and some URLs are there that are used with HTTPS. But what does it mean? And what is the actual difference behind these two types of URLs? The letter ‘s’ is representing an extra security layer. It is more useful to use HTTPS rather than HTTP.

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What Is URL Structure?

When we are regulating and paying attention to the URL, then it is known as a structured URL. In SEO, we pay huge attention to the structure. If URLs are not structured it won’t be easy for you to get more traffic. Your website has a major URL and along with it, there are different URLs for different web pages of your website. All of them have to be structured. There are different ways to structure URLs, according to the type of website. If you are an eCommerce website owner, then you should use a structure which helps your customers understand about the page and its content. And more your site visitors seem familiar URLs, more they will get involved with your site and more visits and traffic will be there. 

Importance Of URL Structure

Structure of URL is important because it provides different facilities to webmasters. There are different benefits we get from URLs. It is one of the most effective features which takes no time. But when we see the importance of the structure of URL, then we will realize how much importance it has. But structuring URLs is not that difficult. So indirectly you are getting more value after a few efforts only. That is why no digital marketer is there who opposes or ignores the URLs and their structure. As we have mentioned that the structure of URLs cannot be similar for all the websites. News and media websites will have different types of structure, which may contain date and time of posting, location of post and a few keywords related to the news. On the other hand, eCommerce websites have URLs, those represent the product category, catalogue, product, etc. Following are some of the important factors that the structure has with it. 

Part Of SEO

No need to mention it again that the structure of URL is a part of SEO. As a digital marketer or small online business owner, you should know that the URL and its structure is always counted when we are talking about search engine optimization. So whenever you are developing an SEO strategy or going to start an SEO campaign you must include the URL and its proper structure according to the type of website that you own.

User Experience

User experience is the key factor around which the whole online marketing and SEO campaigns evolve. Many search engines also stated that the user experience is the major thing that you should focus on. And do you know that URLs are directly linked up with user experience? You will be enhancing the user experience of your visitors with URL. We are not saying that URLs are the only factor to play behind user experience. But it is one of them. So must utilize this feature to provide better user experience to your audience. 

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Three Major Components

Do you know about three major components of search engine result pages (SERPs)? No doubt there are other factors behind the screen, playing an important role. But in the front row, there will be only three factors that will be displayed to the users. And the best thing is that these three things include URLs. Following are these three components.

  • Meta Description

When we search something on Google or other search engines, then we find that there is a meta description under every search result and it is important to optimize it. 

  • URL

As we are talking about URLs in this post, then you will find that it is one of the three components that show on search engine result pages (SERPs). 

  • Title

The title is the first thing that users will see about any search result and it has to be value adding to the readers. 

Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is important for SEO plans. And you can do keyword optimization at the next level with proper usage of keywords in URLs. URLs of a website are a good way to optimize the keyword. You can stuff keywords there. But never stuff them excessively. 

URLs are important, and if you are not paying attention to this part of SEO, then you must start paying attention towards it. Never ignore the URLs because they are very important in the overall optimization of your website. There are several techniques to optimize the URLs of your website. It depends upon your goals and your website business type.

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