facebook How To Check SEO Health of Your Website In 5 Simple Steps?
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How To Check SEO Health of Your Website In 5 Simple Steps?

| August 16th, 2022 | 1978 Views

Check SEO HealthSearch engine optimization is very important for any website, no matter if it is a direct selling eCommerce platform or it is a blog directing traffic to other sources. Without search engine optimization you cannot get more traffic and you must know that without traffic there will be no revenue on your website. Have you checked the SEO health of your website or you don’t know how to check SEO health of your website? Don’t worry if you don’t know, because here we will let you know how you can check the SEO health of your website in five simple steps. So just follow these five simple steps to get your website checked for SEO services.

STEP 1: Check Traffic And Its Source

SEO is all about traffic and we drive more traffic with SEO. So the first thing that you must have to check on your website is traffic. But not only the amount of traffic that you get is required to be checked. You also have to check the source of your site’s traffic. If you get low traffic and very few visitors from search engine result pages (SERPs), then it means that you have some issues on your site with SEO. 

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STEP 2: Check Backlink Profile

Backlinks are a major part of your website and its SEO health. So if you go to check SEO health, then you must have to check the backlink profile. You must keep a check on your website’s backlink profile. How many backlinks do you have on your website or how many backlinks are driving traffic to your website and a lot of things are there to check about backlinks.

STEP 3: Test Page Load Speed

Page loading speed is a very important thing to check when you are working on search engine optimization. Your website must load fast. If it is not loading quickly then you may have an issue and it is killing direct traffic.

STEP 4: Test For Errors, Broken Links, Duplicate Content

There are many errors related to SEO. You must test your website for errors, broken links, and duplicate content. All of these things are a big enemy of search engine optimization. So whenever you check SEO health on your site, you must check these three factors.

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STEP 5: Go For Pro Audit

If all the above-mentioned tips don’t work well for you, then you can go for a professional audit on your website. A professional SEO audit will tell you everything about your website’s SEO health and issues that it is facing. You can take help from an SEO reseller partner.

Follow these five steps and you will get your website checked for SEO health easily. The best way is to hire someone to conduct an SEO audit on your website. However, if you cannot afford to hire someone to conduct an audit for you then you can easily do it with the help of the first four steps. If you are a startup or a medium-sized business, doing these quick audits will help you for sure. 

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