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What Exactly Does an SEO Company Do?

| September 18th, 2023 | 720 Views

What does an seo company do

There is a lot that you are going to want to know about exactly what an SEO company is going to be doing for you, especially if you haven’t ever worked with one before. You should ensure that you are thinking of SEO as something that is going to be necessary for your business to become a success online and there are a few things to know about, including what they do. The more you know, the easier it is going to be for you to decide to hire them to help you grow your business online.

What Exactly Does the Top SEO Company Do?

The first question that you need to know the answer to is what happens inside the SEO Company and SEO means search engine optimization. This is quite simply the process that is used to increase the search ranking for a web page so that online visibility can be increased. The legit agencies would make sure that they are using white-hat SEO so that search rankings are based on real data and hard work.

You should make sure that you know what are a few of the over 200 factors that would help to increase the high ranking of your page. The ones that are the most important and that the companies should be focused on include:

  • If your website is fully secure with HTTPS rather than HTTP
  • If the website is fully mobile-friendly
  • How long it takes for your web pages to load on the site
  • If the right schema markup (the type of code for your website) is used
  • Quality of the content on the web pages
  • Length of the content on these web pages
  • The presence of any social signals that point back to the website
  • Usage of quality backlinks that can point back to the website
  • If your images are fully optimized on the web pages
  • The intent of the searches done by the users

There are plenty of ways that the experts can influence these few factors using the right strategy so that you can see the results over time.

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Essential SEO Activities to Consider Before Signing Up

If you are thinking about signing on with any SEO Company in India you should be aware of some of the top SEO activities that should be included along with some of the targeted strategies. The top agencies would include the following services in their contract when it is created, such as:

  • Analysis of the website structure
  • Analysis of the content on the website along with analysis of the conversion rate
  • Complete online off-page analysis
  • Optimization of all website structure and code
  • Optimization of the content site
  • Optimization of the various off-page criteria

SEO Company - What does an SEO Company

Analysis Of The Website Structure

Google along with the other top search engines stresses that the design of your site should be created for the users rather than the various search engines. However, in order for it to be read by these search engines it is going to have to be properly structured, and a few things that should be looked at include:

  • HTTPs vs HTTP – The S that is given at the end just means that your website is fully secure, which is required even if you don’t take any online credit card payments. This is because Google will give these secure websites a higher rank than those that aren’t using HTTPS when it comes to the search results.
  • Setup of analytics – Also, they should be looking for any existing tracking system for analytics and if there isn’t, then one should be installed. This will help you to figure out where the sales and the leads are coming from and this will give you a huge array of meaningful results to check out.
  • Robots.txt – This file is important and it is used to keep the crawlers from the search engines from crawling and then indexing various pages on the website that you don’t want the public to be able to view. This should be updated to ensure that these pages are listed and so the search engines know to avoid them.
  • Site errors – These are the signals that would be sent to the search engines that would let them know that your website isn’t trustworthy and shouldn’t be given a top listing. There are numerous common errors that you need to be aware of, including blocking crawlers using Robots.txt, missing or no title tags, duplicate title tags, duplicated page content, and 4XX errors.
  • Indexing status – The pages need to be indexed by the various search engines and their crawlers and they would be determined to have enough quality to be used for relevant keywords or search phrases. The pages that are indexed would be shown in the search results and can help in driving higher levels of organic traffic to the website.
  • Sitemap – This XML sitemap would be a list of the various pages that are listed on your website that you are going to want to be indexed by the search engine. This is not the same as the robot.txt that tells the search engines what pages not to be indexing and this should be updated regularly.
  • Page speed – Search engines find that user experience is vital and they also know that the users don’t like to wait. This is why they have included site speed as one of the major factors in how high your website is going to rank.
  • Meta elements – Another area where you can see negative impacts is when duplicated meta elements like meta descriptions, title tags and even site content are used. Ensuring that you are using optimized and unique meta elements would help you with having higher chances of getting into the SERPs.
  • Conversion rates – This is another area where they are going to look for any problems between the content and the user experience. This might be causing problems with the leads and you should make sure to find out what contact links or forms would work the best and then use those.

These are the technical aspects that would need to be taken care of before we can move on to the rest. The rest includes:

Analysis Of The Content –

This is where the SEO team would come in since they can look over all of the content that is on your website. They would be able to figure out a wide variety of problems that might be related to:

  • Compatibility with voice search
  • Keywords that are poorly targeted
  • Content that is ranking poorly
  • Issues with duplicate content
  • Missing pages
  • Inconsistencies with name, address, and phone number for local SEO

These are just a few of the main things that they would make sure that they are concentrating on since content is vital. This is what is going to attract your visitors and then convert them into leads and this part is vital. This would help them to come up with the right plans for moving the website forward.

During this part, the keyword analysis is also going to be done where the best opportunities for you to rank would be found. This would also help you connect with a higher number of customers as well as bring in more organic traffic. They can come up with keywords that you might not be able to think of or even consider.

Off-Page Analysis –

The next thing that would be done is away from your website and that would be done with online directories, industry-related blogs, review sites, and more. This will help you to see if your business is popular online and you might already have a few good reviews from your earlier customers, which means it is going to be easy to rank for your preferred keywords.

Once the website has been stripped down, it will be time for the experts to see what others have been saying about your business and you. This would mean finding any mentions about your site all over the internet and seeing what can be done to adjust them to benefit you. If there are any negative reviews you can respond to them quickly and hopefully make the customer happy. There are plenty of tools that will help you with having a good online reputation, such as:

  • Increase in the amount of organic traffic you see
  • Locality based content focus
  • Unique meta descriptions and title tags for each service area and product
  • Consistency in NAP for all listings
  • Authentic feedback marked with the right schema
  • Reputable listings in directories
  • Website that is mobile-friendly
  • Measures to build authority

These seem like they are little things, but they can make a large difference when it comes to extending the presence of your business online.

Optimizing Of Site Code And Structure

Your code and site structure might not always be in the best place and it might need a few changes, which could be minor or major. The experts will handle this and there is a lot that they will do in this area for you, including:

  • Structuring the navigation of the site so it is simple for users to find what they are looking for
  • Cleaning up the code to ensure that the site runs faster
  • Elimination of any errors Google would find during crawling
  • Adding the updated XML sitemap so the crawlers can quickly check the various pages
  • Adding any internal links to various pages on the site so that users can easily from place to place as they desire

Optimization Of On-Page Content

Content is always going to be the winner and that means when your website is maintained it isn’t just a one-time job. You can’t just create the various landing pages, launch them, and then that’s all, but you need to make sure you are always adding more content and optimizing the pages that exist on the site. The SEO team would do a lot for this, such as:

  • Rewrite or remove all duplicate content
  • Insert keywords into the page titles so they can be used to rank the pages by Google
  • Add some keyword-rich and well-written copy to the landing pages that are underperforming
  • Creating some new landing pages that would draw in more visitors
  • Adding images, changing colors, formatting text, and more to convert the visitors

Optimization Of Off-Page Factors

The presence that you have on your own website is just as vital as those that are on your page and you need to know why. Here are some of the top things the agencies can help you with like:

  • Using various local SEO strategies to improve the position your website has in the SERPs for the local keywords
  • Find listings in directories of your business throughout the internet, verify them, and ensure they are updated with accurate information
  • Find new and valuable directories that your website can be added to
  • Submit some press releases regarding new services you offer and other items that are newsworthy
  • Find blogs that are non-competitive in similar industries that want guest posts to exchange links for

Continued Analysis

SEO isn’t just making these changes to the website and then leaving them alone, you are going to have to analyze the data. The experts are going to track, test, make changes, and repeat until they are satisfied with the results they are getting. During this entire process they will make sure to:

  • Monitor the conversions, traffic, and rankings on daily, weekly, or even monthly
  • Use all of the data that is gathered to decide which items will be able to help your site in the best ways

Make sure that you are thinking about this when you are considering what the SEO Company can help you with. The more you know about what they can do, the easier it will be for you to decide to hire them, especially if you want a bigger online presence. They can help you with both on-page and off-page analysis and optimization, so why not let them help you now?

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