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6 Ways to Find & Fix Structured Data Markup Errors

| March 3rd, 2021 | 1439 Views

Blogging and running a website is not an easy task. We believe that engaging content is what keeps our ranking high and gets us the right traffic. Although the content is a valid and an excellent method of generating traffic for humans, the web crawlers and Google Bots read content differently than we do.

In the recent past, Google has advanced its mechanisms by leaps and bounds; it is fair to say that Google is still not able to read content as we do.  This is where structured data comes in, using data and various percentages with your content, allows Google’s bots to understand the content better and gives your website a better rank.

Here are six tips to help you identify and fix structured data errors easily:

1: Use of Genuine Structured Data Testing Tool for your Website:

Structure Data Testing Tool

Using an effective and genuine tool will allow you to find the mistakes with your website content. Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool is one of the best options to test your website. The use of the tool is relatively simple and allows you to find out the issues your website is facing. The tool gives you a detailed list of the errors and easily detects problems on your site without any hassles.

2: Get your Priorities Right:

The easiest way to efficiently work around your problems is to set your priorities straight. After you run a data test, you’ll be able to find many types of data on the list along with the errors. You will need to correct these errors first. Start by picking out different kinds of data types and fix the problems one by one.
While using Google’s structured data handling tool, when you click on a data type, the tool will give you the URL and all other details about the error.

3: Sort Your reviews and details:

When it comes to finding the perfect way of combating the various kinds of issues faced with Google rankings, sorting your reviews should be the first priority. Here is what you must  know about Google’s methodology of ranking your website according to the data on your web pages:

  • The product reviews should be strictly related to products and should be in their relevant categories.
  • As for business reviews, Google does not show reviews on the home page of a website anymore.
  • Business reviews should be sorted for good ranks. Reviews should be posted under testimonials or on the “About Us” page.
  • The ratings should be from worst to the best.
  • Each review should be unique for Google to rank it accordingly.

4: Manual Action:

 Just because you are using data or structured markup data does not mean that your website would be ranked. Only recently, Google issued a warning for those websites that promote discounts and vouchers.  The notice said that if the data was found to misleading manual action against them will be taken.

5: Update your Markup and Test the Data:

To get the best results from your website, you should use a tool to markup your data. Tools offer you ease of doing the job right and help you in getting it done efficiently. Furthermore, merely using a tool is not enough. You will need to test the markup and find out if it actually works or not. Also, make sure that the data on your website is not misleading. Google will automatically lower your rank if you promote misleading content and data.

6: Optimization:

You will be required to revise your plans every now and then. Review your website regularly and keep testing your site for structured data issues. Fixing these errors on time will help you to get rid of your problems quickly. Other than this, reading the disclaimers and the guidelines issued by Google will help you a lot.

Google is evolving every day. With new strategies, new structures, new ideas, and many new changes to keep up with the changing times are being implemented. Structured Data will help your website grow and give you many benefits.

Fixing structured data issues before it is too late is advised and is a good practice.