facebook Digital Marketing Strategies: Short Term vs. Long Term
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Digital Marketing Strategies: Short Term vs. Long Term

| September 13th, 2023 | 4197 Views

Gone are the days when in-person marketing was the only way to promote business. The advent of digital marketing has turned the business industry into a digital one. Nowadays, business owners are investing loads of bucks in appropriating their official websites so that they can garner the maximum amount of traffic to their site. Later with the help of prevalent marketing methodology, these business organizations turn their potential traffic into consumers which in turn boosts the profit of that particular company. Nowadays, the majority of business enthusiasts are familiar with the process but they lack the proper knowledge of digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Right from its inception in 1990, Digital marketing has emerged as the most vital marketing methodology that takes advantage of the internet and the electronic devices for the promotion of the client’s product and services. In layman’s term, it refers to the advertisements conducted by search engines, social media, and emails. If you are curious about the working of this particular marketing strategy, you should have a crystal clear idea about the branches of digital marketing. Search Engine Optimization or SEO, Content Marketing, Pay-per-click advertising, Affiliate marketing, etc. are some crucial types of digital marketing tactics that every marketing enthusiast should know.

Why is digital marketing important?

Digital marketing allows small business owners to step into the vast global marketplace and gives them a fair opportunity to reach more potential customers in a cost-effective way. This kind of promotion spreads the word about your business at the speed of light and the best part is that you can keep track of the audience’s responses.

If you have a thing for the number you may know that 60% to 70% of the marketing agencies are investing in content marketing and SEO only. According to statistics specific to 2020, there are around 3 billion active members in social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Pinterest. To boost sales, the effort should be on reaching these audiences and turning them into loyal customers.

It is evident from the above numbers that the day has come where digital marketing has started dominating the marketing industry. Let’s dig deeper and know about its short-term and long-term strategies.

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Short term marketing strategies-

As the name suggests, this marketing method is designed for short term goals like daily and weekly targets. These tactical short term goals add up over the long period and finally help you accomplish your long term goal for the business. With the help of its wings, a short-term strategy can be effective in boosting sales significantly.

The key strategies for such short term marketing are-

  • PPC or Pay per Click- With the help of this strategy, it is possible to direct the target audience to the landing page of the very website. This is instrumental in developing potential leads. The primary step of this strategy is advertisement creation with tools like Google AdWords, Facebook lead ads, and so on. It allows your business to appear on Google instantly and this means that you can earn coins almost immediately with the help of clicks. According to data, PPC is responsible for 33.33% of sales on the internet.
  • Social Media- Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc provides numerous opportunities for brand promotion. This particular method is effective for both short term and long term digital marketing strategies. Of internet users, around 61% use social media platforms on a regular basis. Do you know that in 2019 only, 79% of the video marketers used this platform of Facebook? Of the rest, 25% is from Instagram and 87% is from Linkedin.
  • Events- This is another short-term marketing strategy that showcases your product and services to a wide range of audiences. Tradeshows allow you as a business owner to collect the feedback of your target audience and answer their query while promoting the product. You can count on other events also.
  • Discounts- Coupons and discounts are most effective in attracting traffic to your website. These limited-time offers to lure customers to buy a bulk amount of products at a price less than the claimed actual. This is a win-win for both companies and customers. Here, business profits through more sales and more enhanced brand identity.

Long term marketing strategies-

Unlike the first one, long term digital marketing strategies look forward to the big picture of the company. This particular strategy is for a minimum of six months and more. At times, it can be pretty unsettling for business owners not to see any profit for a few months. If you follow the fruitful strategies, in the long run, this method will definitely pay off. Let’s know about some of these strategies.

  • SEO- SEO or search engine optimization helps your business climb up the ladder of Google ranks over a long time. This method of keyword addition doesn’t show any fruitful results overnight and requires your patience before it starts paying off with bulk traffic.
  • Content Marketing- Blogging is the only mode of content marketing that helps the primary website earn several links. According to a survey, those companies who believe in the power of content marketing reach 434% more leads compared to others. 
  • Brand identity and web design- It takes a long time to be recognized as a popular brand. To improve the brand identity and reputation of your company you will need to maintain the standard of your product quality and put effort into website design. A good website is key to a good user experience.

It is evident from the aforementioned points that both short term and long term strategies are essential for the growth of the business. These two complementary strategies have their benefits. The short-term one helps you acquire profit in a short time frame and this saves the business for losses with some extra sales. Whereas, the long term method is instrumental in determining the ultimate goal in light of the present events and previous trends.

Nowadays, 83% of internet traffic comes from organic search. This indicates that the world has stepped into the online business era where you no longer procrastinate with your Digital Marketing knowledge. If you are looking for double-digit growth for your company in the next five years, get down to digital marketing right away.

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