facebook Everything SEOs Need to Know about Google's New Stance on HTTPs
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Everything SEOs Need to Know about Google’s New Stance on HTTPs

| April 7th, 2015 | 1833 Views

In 2014, on the official Webmaster Central Blog, Google made it clear that although currently, HTTPS is affecting less than 1% of global queries, soon HTTPs will carry more weight. It’s just that webmasters are given time to switch to HTTPS for keeping everyone safe on the internet.

Let’s check out what you need to know about Google’s stance on HTTPS.

1. Security Matters Most

Security is most important for Google. HTTPS encryption will make the server more secured preventing hackers from stealing information been transferred online.

2. Sites with HTTPS Encryption will Rank High

Websites with HTTPS encryption will rank higher on Google. Thus, the more webmasters comply with HTTPS higher is the chance of achieving a top position in Google search results.

3. User Behavior Could Impact Your Rankings

One elusive way of Google influencing the SERPs and users is by signifying which websites are secure and which are unsecured. It creates an impact on the users since they will prefer to access sites that are secured over those that aren’t. Websites ranking as well as visitors depend on two user-based signals – click-through and dwell on.

4. Need Content Improvement

Matt Cutt has repeatedly said quality content will dictate a site’s ranking on Google. Thus, high-quality content always remains important if you don’t have money for encrypting your website.

5. Consider Switching to HTTPS by Mid-2015

Google will not say anything when they will tighten up HTTPS algorithm again. Experts think it will take at least a year to implement HTTPS. You better have your new encryption in place by August 2015.

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