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EZ Ranking SEO vs GoDaddy SEO – Which One is Better

| August 16th, 2022 | 1902 Views

EZ Ranking SEO vs GoDaddy SEO

There are several parameters that need to be checked and compared when choosing EZ Rankings or GoDaddy for their SEO Services. Where EZ Rankings provide clearly defined plan deliverables with specified guarantee percentage on each plan, GoDaddy provides an automated SEO Plan with a very generic approach. EZ Rankings have always given due significance to content and its quality and provides a comprehensive content marketing plan, GoDaddy provides with custom blogs and articles. EZ Rankings has eradicated Directory Submission while GoDaddy is still going along with it. GoDaddy provides some business theme plan for all businesses while EZ Rankings consider each site unique and recommend customized plans based on the Website Audit. They have also come up with a strategy based on competitor analysis while GoDaddy does not rely on such an analysis. EZ Ranking start showing results of its SEO efforts in 3-4 months while GoDaddy starts showing results in six months’ time. This comparison between these two SEO Companies can help make a well-informed decision for the business about their SEO goals. 

Category EZRankings SEO Go-Daddy SEO
Plan Manual/Personalised SEO Plan Automated SEO Plan
Specification Each Plan deliverables are clearly defined Generic Plan for all sites
Directory Submission Has been eradicated a long time back Still is available at their plan
Content is King Content Marketing involves a wide variety of activity like Article, Press Release writing Submission, Guest Blog Posting, Blog Posting, Classified Writing Custom Blog and Article Content is mentioned with no qty
Guarantee We have specified Guarantee % on each of the plans There is no Guarantee, very generic approach
Business Theme Based Approach Every site is different and we know that one approach will not work for all generic to E-commerce sites. Recommend plan based on the Website Audit Common one plan for all the sites
Onsite Optimisation Involves detailed Audit and then integration of the on-page work and tools Onsite Recommendations
Competitor Analysis We formulate Strategy based on the competitor analysis There is no Competitor Analysis
Ranking and Report Dashboard We also do it through Basecamp Paid Tool Is there with them
Time Frame Based on the competition of keywords, rankings start appearing in 3-4 months They have mentioned generic in 6 months
Keyword Analysis Criteria We finalize Keywords in the combination of 35% medium, 35% long tail, 30% High Competitive No Criteria as such, maybe they just target low competitive keyword to get results
Keyword Focus We focus on Both Local as well as Global keyword targeting The main focus is on Local keywords only

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