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10 things I Learned in Last 10 Years of My Entrepreneur Journey

| October 22nd, 2020 | 2035 Views

EZ Rankings 10 yearsBeing a  Woman Entrepreneur is not easy. It is surely rewarding but certainly not easy. Especially when you are a woman & your work involves around lots & lots of men, kids responsibility, managing home, balancing people’s expectations & last but not the least, taking out time for self healing & self care, don’t expect it all to be a cake walk. Many a times, you will be challenged- Directly / Indirectly, your position, your presence of mind, your existence, your parenting style, your relationship status – everything will be questioned so be ready to face it all. Don’t cry or sulk over it rather be brave & be ready for it!!

Let me quickly share my top 10 learning in last 10 years as Managing Director of EZ Rankings – SEO Company India, Co-Founder EZ Trainings & many other businesses:

Be Positive

No matter how big the problem is, there is always a solution. You are free to cry, sulk, pause BUT never STOP. Stay Positive, Keep moving & one day when you look back, you will be so proud of yourself & your team.

Keep Walking

This is my favorite tagline from “Jonnie Walker”. These 2 words fill me with so much of encouragement & self motivation. No matter if the house is a mess, no matter the meals is not ready yet, no matter if you are not been understood or supported, If you had a reason to get started, don’t stop now, just keep walking as gradually things will get better, routines will come into existence & you will achieve the goal eventually.

Don’t Be Competitive (like literally

Not everyone has the same goal, Not everyone has the same situations, similar motivational levels etc. So, please don’t pull anyone down. Just define your own goals & work towards them.


I am a Liberan & I so love this quality in my own self (self praise ;)). I aim for Work-life balance. I want to enjoy my life as much as I want to work. I want to party like crazy as much as I like to be super busy & super productive at work. I like it & I am very grateful for the opportunity where I can work towards this balance.


No matter what your goals are, no matter how big or small they are, do reward yourself at the end of achieving each goal. Cherish, Be grateful & Rewards yourself. Life is too short to bother others or pull them down. Let’s mind our own business & create our own happiness.

Happiness is a state of mind

We can be ahead of 200 companies but still behind 10 companies & this should not make us grumpy. We are certainly happy to be where we are, very proud of our little achievements & want to cherish every step we take to move closer to our goals. Happiness can only be felt when you have done ethical business & no harm to others around you. So, make that conscious decision.

Mansi Rana

We before Me

One person can change the world…hmmm….not really! It does take an entire team of people who live the same dream, see the same dream, work towards the same dream & only then together we can change the world. So, team work matters & it is actually the only thing that matters at the end of the day.

Convert your Fears into Faith

We all have our own set of insecurities. Things / situations that we avoid all our lives & there are so many instances wherein our decisions are fear based rather than faith based so challenge your fears, have faith & move on, step by step, inch by inch.

Some opportunities are worth leaving

It’s not necessary to take up every opportunity that comes your way. Some people, some assignments might help you achieve those targets, get that name or fame BUT if they don’t make your feel comfortable, leave it & move on. Not every opportunity is worth taking, not every battle is worth fighting & not every person needs to be happy with you because you are no Santa ;).

One life, live it well!

Live it well, guys..LIVE it well! Always learn, be thankful, spend quality time with your loved ones, spread positivity, take up a hobby, travel, shop…don’t stop because of the fear of being judged. Just live this life nicely!

I hope this can help you or motivate you to overcome your own limitations!!

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