facebook Google Calendar's Newest Feature That Help You Actually Accomplish Your Goals
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Google Calendar’s Newest Feature That Help You Actually Accomplish Your Goals

| February 25th, 2019 | 1770 Views

Google has come up with a unique feature that promises to help you achieve your goals. As one of the leading and most popular search engine networks, the company always aims towards making things easier for its users. Recently, it launched ‘Goals’ for helping users accomplish their long-cherished dreams and objectives. And the announcement has given birth to great excitements in the digital arena.

So, what is this Google feature all about?

Understanding ‘Goals’

Google embraced the machine intelligence technology and incorporated it into Google calendar’s functioning. The feature utilizes machine learning to find time gaps for users. You will now enjoy accomplishing your bucket-list along with receiving free time for yourself.

The best part of the feature is that it gets added to your task lists. As the result, even severe distractions will not be successful in affecting your personal goal accomplishment.

How does it Work?

‘Goals’ seeks reference from your existing schedule, thus identifying time frames to accommodate personal objectives. The latest feature from Google is the creative intelligence of Dan Ariely, who happens to be the proprietor of Timeful, a time-management application company

According to Ariely, this latest innovation from Google is targeted towards helping individuals rediscover themselves. Users will have the opportunity of accomplishing short-term goals, which often get neglected in the presence of bigger commitments.

According to profound market research, individuals are less likely to sidetrack goals, if they are successful in tracking their progress. It’s also beneficial to share goals alongside recording them. It increases your chances of fulfilling your goals.

Google ‘Goals’ performs this time-finding task on behalf of its users. All you need to do is identify the goals in Google calendar, and provide answers to questions such as ‘Best time’ and ‘How often?’

An example will help you understand the situation better.

Say, for instance; you have a pre-set a goal of working out in the gym thrice a week. And you wish to do it after work. Now, at times, this plan might get neglected because of a crucial board meeting. As soon as you add the meeting to your calendar, Goals will find another time for your workout sessions.

Research Leading to Behavioral Changes

The art of time management is what most of us find difficult to master. Most of the times, individuals are left wondering what to do, when there is free time. Google’s latest feature aims at improving this particular aspect of human interaction and behavior. Users will have a complete to-do list before them, whenever they have free time to spend.

Google Calendar turned ten this year, and the company took the opportunity to launch its brand new feature. Hopefully, this particular innovation will make time-management easier than ever!

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