facebook Google Penguin 4.0 Has Been Launched, What Does It Mean
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Google Penguin 4.0 Has Been Launched, What Does It Mean

| July 25th, 2023 | 1755 Views


After a long wait, Google has now announced an update to the Penguin algorithm. It has been named as Google Penguin 4.0. The last update (Penguin 3.0) happened to take place on 17 October 2014. This update is being made available in all the languages. Penguin is used by Google to identify the sites which cause spamming of the search results through the SEO process. The inclusion of links that artificially improves the results, get identified. But the older version was seen to have not been that effective. The action was not foolproof. After temporary devaluation, the links could be reinserted into the sites for regaining the rankings as before.

Penguin Has Become Real-Time

With the new update coming in, the action of Penguin has become real-time. Previously, Penguin needed to be refreshed every time, whenever any change used to take place on a website, the refreshing job used to take place at that time. With the launch of the latest version of Penguin, the Penguin data need not wait for the changes to take place on the website. It can happen on a real-time basis. The refreshing will take place as soon the re-crawling or re-indexing of the pages is done. This also means that no further versions of Penguin would be required.

Penguin Has More Granular Features Now

When Google will be scrutinizing the site, it will do so at a granular level. During the tracking process of the spamming activity, the whole site will not be penalized. Only the particular pages containing the links will suffer the punishment.

With the help of Penguin 4.0, the web page of yours can recover very fast free from the spammy links to be functional again. But there is nothing to worry if you can follow the proper rules of the Search Engine Optimization trends.

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