facebook Your Guide to the Google BERT Update and Its Impact on SEO
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Your Guide to the Google BERT Update and Its Impact on SEO

| August 17th, 2022 | 2065 Views

Recently, Google announced what many – included Google themselves – are calling the most meaningful update in at least five years. The upset will be known as BERT and will impact approximately 10% of all search queries. To understand what this means for SEO and your business, in particular, check out this information about the new update:

What is BERT?

The BERT algorithm – standing for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers – is a natural language processing, deep learning algorithm. It is designed for searches that are longer and more complicated and which depend heavily on context. This algorithm is designed to help machines better understand what specific words mean in context, rather than in a straightforward way. This will help searches that are reliant on specific context to be more accurate in the returns they yield.


How Does BERT Improve Search Return Quality?

Google BERT Update – BERT is all about how words work together. This doesn’t just include the context of words in a sentence, though this is certainly one important aspect. After all, a word can mean two totally different things, depending on what is written on either side of it. BERT is also excellent for helping Google determine what forms of synonyms and closely-related words are being used, such as “bass” the instrument and “bass” the fish. Those are two search results that would have nothing to do with one another and with BERT, you won’t have to worry about returns confusing the two!

Google BERT Update and Its Impact on SEO Google Bert Update

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How Will Google BERT Update Impact SEO and Business?

The impact of BERT on SEO will definitely be seen in both web content that is well written and that which is not.
For the latter, BERT will bring a negative impact. Since many on-page SEO blogs and posts are written with keywords as the focus rather than content, the natural language processing that makes BERT unique will hinder the algorithm’s ability to pick up on this type of content. For consumers, this is good; the quality of search query returns will increase and better content will be displayed. For businesses that don’t prioritize the quality of their content, though, the BERT update could be bad news.

Thankfully, there are ways to avoid having your business suffer from the implementation of BERT. The first is to ensure that your content is solid. While keywords will remain important, they shouldn’t be your sole priority. Working with a company that helps you to generate top-quality content that is also tailored to your industry’s SEO needs will help you revamp your copy if you are worried about BERT’s effect on your visibility.

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