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How Do You Analyze the Competitors Site?

| March 15th, 2023 | 1811 Views

Analyze the Competitors Site

Competitor analysis has become an important aspect of digital marketing strategy and every business should perform this activity to stay ahead in the competition. There could be several things that your competitor is doing that you might not be doing. By running comprehensive research against your competitors give you a better idea about what you need to do to take a lead. 

If you are new to the digital marketing domain and want to know how to perform an analysis of a competitor’s site, then we have got you covered. In this article, we will have a look at simple steps on how to get it done in less time. 

  • Check their Website Content
  • Focus on their Branding Strategies
  • Sneak Peek into their Technologies
  • Track their Social Media Activity
  • Their Pricing Strategy
  • Sign up for their Newsletter

Check their Website Content

The first step of Competitor analysis is, you need to do is check their website content and see how they have created the content and how it’s organized. Quality content and proper organization, both things are major ranking signals and you need to get it right for your site. By looking at your competitor’s site, you will get a better idea about which are their top-performing pages and why they are ranking at top positions.  

Right from their web page content to their blog posts, check every content piece and see what are the areas where your site falls behind and start working on it. 

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Focus on their Branding Strategies

Branding impacts a lot on customers’ psychology and you need to study this as well for your benefit. Check out their logo, their social media posts designs, or their PR content and see if they have maintained consistency across all the channels. If they are doing well in their branding, you can take inspiration and start improvising your site for the same. 

Social signals are a major ranking factor for Google and other search engines, so you need to keep your branding game-high and attract more customers. 

Sneak Peek into their Technologies

A website’s performance is dependent on various aspects and technology is the fundamental reason. If your competitor’s website is loading faster than yours, then you need to check which technologies they are using on their website. There are tools available online that let your check everything on their website. Right from CMS to CDN, hosting, and payment gateways, you can get all the necessary details. 

Once you gather the details, you can cross-check and implement things that are missing on your site. Keeping your website up to date and technologically robust is important as it directly impacts the overall user experience. 

Track their Social Media Activity

Social media is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy and having an active social media presence is very important. Have a look at all the platforms that they are using and analyze their content sharing strategy. You need to observe what kind of content they are creating and what their engagement looks like. 

If a social media platform is working well for them, you need to dig down and see what are the key unique things that they are doing. This is an effective analysis strategy that you should perform to boost your social media game with perfection. 

Their Pricing Strategy

If you are into the eCommerce business then this thing for you and this will give you needful insights about your further marketing campaigns. If you and your competitor are selling exactly the same product, then doing a side by side comparison makes sense. Check all their products and see how they are managing their margins. 

And, if you don’t have a pricing page, then it’s high time to create one and attract more customers to your business. The pricing page gives you the opportunity to attract customers by running attractive offers. 

Sign up for their Newsletter

The last but smart strategy is to sign up for their newsletter and then check how they are doing the email marketing. Email marketing is among the most powerful digital marketing strategies that every business should use. As per surveys, email marketing offers a return on investment of approx 40X which is whopping. 

By signing up for their newsletter, you can check out how they are doing their email roundups and also a sneak peek into their discount newsletter. If you are not into email marketing, then you should start building your email list. It is not less than an asset for your business that can help you generate good income without doing much. 

These were the top tips and methods that you can use to perform analysis on competitors’ websites and check how they are performing. But doing this activity, you will get various valuable insights about your industry. It will help you gain an edge over the competitors by doing better than them. You should conduct a competitor analysis at least once in three months to stay relevant in the market. 

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