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How to Create A Lead Database?

| July 9th, 2021 | 5305 Views

How to Create A Lead Database?

One of the most concerned points to consider for every business is to keep every business maintained with sales leads database. A confirmed database will help in expanding your business because a confirmed database would help you in exploring your current and potential customers. However, the very first question strike to the mind is how to create a leads database. So, you must know what is a lead database. In addition, how to get a strong leads database to upsurge your sales number?

What truly a lead is?

A lead is a person who shows some attentiveness in your company’s products and services in some way. General chitchat with a person may turn into a lead when you open communication on a random call about your products and services.

Leads are an important part of a business lifecycle, not all the leads are qualified, every single lead has its own lifecycle and depends on what stage it is. Here, we have mentioned the types of qualified leads:

Create A Lead Database


  • Marketing qualified leads

These are the leads who connect with your marketing teammates, however, don’t wish to receive a sales call. These leads generally fill a form for an offer you made.

  • Sales Qualified Leads

These leads are termed in the form of numbers, take actions proactively, and show interest in buying your products and services. A contact fills a form to ask a question regarding your product and service.

  • Product Qualified Leads

Such leads have used your product, show the interest, and later turn into a paying customer. These leads are generated for those companies that offer a product for a trial with a wish to upgrade.

  • Service Qualified Lead

These are some contacts/customers to show their interest to your team and wish to become a paying customer. Such leads indicate to your service team that they are interested in upgrading their product subscription.

What is the lead generation process?

Now we understand the types of leads in a business, let us walk through the steps of the lead generation process.

  • First, a visitor finds your business with anyone of your marketing medium or a source like your website, blog, or might be your social media page.
  • Then, a visitor clicks on that particular ad – image, video, or caption stimulates to take some sort of action.
  • Now it helps in bringing your customer on the landing page that might be your website and prepared to capture leads.
  • When a visitor on your website fills a form in exchange of an offer, and this way you get a lead. Henceforth, businesses follow various models to capture leads.

The lead database generation process

You can apply efforts altogether and use various promotional sources to drive traffic to your website in order to generate leads. Let’s discuss the channels that would help you in generating leads, here is a small representation to generate leads.

There are some mediums, you can use to get more visitors to your website and generate leads.

  • Content
  • Email
  • Ads and retargeting
  • Blog
  • Social media
  • Product trials
  • Referrals

Lead Database

Let’s get some brief and talk about a few.


Content is a smart way to redirect users to your landing page. Your content serves as the medium to catch more eyeballs that have useful information. Add CTA in your content at the bottom of the post or on the side of the post. The more attraction to your content is, the more leads you get.


Email is an ideal way used for branding and allows you to connect with the people who are aware of your brand or your products and services. It becomes easier for them to take action as they have already subscribed to your product. Add CTA to your email and create an exciting copy with an impressive design to grab his/her attention.

Ads and retargeting

The prime motive of an ad is to get people to take action, otherwise, it’s a waste to spend money. So if you wish to get the potential customers then make sure your ads copy offer matches exactly what you have assured in your ad.


The creation of a blog defines to promote a particular product or service and you can shape it to achieve the end goal finally. When you create a blog for an instructional video then explain the marketing metrics and your CTA brings more relevant clicks on your blog.

Social media

Social media platforms are one of the significant mediums and allow your followers to take action. From swipe options on Instagram, Facebook, URLs on Twitter allow you to promote your offerings on social media posts with a CTA caption. In addition, businesses are widely using LinkedIn for lead generation today. For example, you could automate the process such as creating and exporting verified leads from LinkedIn to your CRM.

Product trials

Collect the number of leads when you offer a trial product/service. Once a prospect makes use of your product, you can encourage them to make a purchase. Another smart way of branding and improve your reach to millions of potential customers.


A referral is also called word-of-mouth, it’s a kind of marketing fruitful for lead generation as well as for your business in a different way. It showcases your brand among other people, in turn, offers you more opportunities to generate leads.

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