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How To Remove Bad Reviews From Google?

| November 21st, 2022 | 3176 Views


Unfortunately, the bad reviews from Google are not uncommon in the current scenario and you may not be the only one experiencing this situation rather there are several businesses that may have handled similar situations. Even though there may not be any severe consequence hurled due to the comments but you need to stay calm and act right before the situation takes a turn for worse. It might just seem to be a nightmare for business owners but you cannot hit the roof yet as one or two grumpy customers cannot do more harm to your business when you have a stream of positive reviews for the rest. However, we have describe about how to remove bad reviews from google and improve the credibility of the business and all that you need to do is to follow a few steps that are simple.

What you need to remember as a business owner is that panicking will not help you much and even if you feel like hurling an abuse towards the source of bad review or hit with a heavy object control is the essence. It is better to understand that obtaining a bad review is not one of the things which hit you towards the end of the road. You need to have more focus on the positive reviews and try to improve the experience of the customers rather than waste time with one bad review.

  • Putting the Right Response

While it may not be possible to remove Google reviews that are bad indeed you can counter the response and in no way can you handle things angrily. There are a few customers that take time and then change the reviews later which they may have out by mistake while the rest do not bother. If you cannot counter the reviews well with logical explanations it is good to go the roundabout way and take the path of humor and believe it or not it can work if the user may not have commented rightly or may also fall short of words.

  • Assessing The Review

As a business owner, you need to take time to assess the review properly and try to find out the source to the best of your knowledge and there are surprising facts you may discover. Often the reviews that are fraudulent ion the real sense come from the competitors and such instances are not uncommon. The more you handle it closely the better equipped you are to deal with negative reviews that come from experts. Ideally, you need to prevent such instances in future and no one will ever remember about the bad things spoken against your business as long as people get good products and services.

  • Handling The Reviews

No matter what the review may be about your need to settle the things amicably but you need to take steps hurriedly. Quick handling of the situation is one of the most important things to keep in mind. As you take the action at the right time it reflects that you have a dedicated customer service which responds to the requirements of the customers and have the ability to deal with the bad experiences of the customers. It is extremely important to pacify a customer with bad experience without postponing the things forever. The first thing to find is whether the comment has come from a previous customer and then you can offer ideas to fix the situation as early as possible. For instance, if you own a service such as a restaurant or landscaping and tree removal and the work was not done as promised, it is about the speculation of the mistakes that the team may have committed which will lead you to the right path. Even when you flag the review, it can be viewed by the rest of the people which makes it necessary that you try to respond for the best results.

  • Dealing with Bad Review

When you receive a bad Google review and you are able to take steps to refund the money for the service or offer the customer two or more free services or you fix it again without money, the bad reviews can suddenly change into good. What you do is change the negative into positive with little efforts that do not count much but the return of the customer to positive reviews can make the difference.

  • Resolving The Issue

Customers act in a jiffy and often they do not spend much time analyzing a product or a service and on a certain day the customer may have pushed a really bad mood and the reviews may have been written just after that. However, even if there is the small mistake from the company, taking constructive steps to remove it can lead to the right solution.

Getting Back Peace

For a business owner, a bad review is bad indeed and it can spoil a lot of good things that the online reputation management service provider may have accumulated for many years. You must remember that negative Google reviews tend to disappear as you have more positive reviews but you have to tighten your sleeves and take the right action on time to prevent the devastating effects.

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