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How to Remove your Listing on Whitepages

| July 27th, 2022 | 2165 Views

Remove your Listing on Whitepages

Whitepages is a website that contains a huge database regarding details of individuals for identity verification and other uses. People can use profiles from this website for various purposes relating to the business or even finding someone. Your details available online and accessible to all is a major threat, especially in today’s time when online scams are on peak. You will get two kinds of profiles there, one is free, and the other is for premium users.  

So, if you value your privacy, you must go through the opt-out process of white pages, which would remove your listings for free from their database.

Basic details of individuals like name, age, contact number, gender, and address are visible to everyone for free. So why not protect your personal information by removing your listing on white pages in some quick, simple steps through techyhost.com. The information available on white pages is for free.

To secure your details from any kind of online accident or to prevent misuse of your information, you must follow the given simple steps to remove your listing.

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For removing your listing on white pages:

Step 1: Go to whitepages.com website and type in your full name and city, state, or ZIP code:

Enter your full official name on the left side of the text box. Then, on the right side text box, fill in your zip code, or else you can even fill in your city or state.

Step 2: Click on the search icon:

On clicking the search icon, white pages will search for your information and display all the listings related to the input of search provided by you: name and city, state, or ZIP.

Step 3: Find your profile among the list displayed and then click view details:

Find your profile. After clicking view details, you will reach your white pages listing where you would be displayed your information like name, age, contact, address, relative’s details, criminal records, business details, etc., available on white pages.

Step 4: Copy the URL displayed at the top of the browser window:

Click the URL, select it all, press Ctrl + C or else do right click and go to the copy option. Doing this will copy your Whitepages listing’s web address. The format of your copied URL would be https://www.whitepages.com/name/yourname/yourcity/.

Step 5:  Go to” https://www.whitepages.com/suppression-requests” in your browser: 

This will take you to the Whitepages opt-out form. This form has five steps, complete these five steps of this form, and you will have your listing removed. 

Step 6: Paste here the URL that you copied in step 4 containing your listing web address:

Click the text box in the center of the page and then press Ctrl + V or else do right click and go to the paste option. Click “NEXT” displayed below the text box. (This is the first step of the opt-out form)

Step 7: Click on the Remove me button:

Check the profile and information carefully. After you are confirmed, you may click on the remove me button to further step. (This is the second step of the opt-out form)

Step 8: Provide a Reason for removing your listing:

Write down the reason for removing your listing from white pages. You can either select some reason from the available reasons, or you can write one from your choice and then click “Next.” (This is the third step of the opt-out form)

Step 9: Type in your contact number:

Enter your phone number in the center text box. Whitepages asks you for your contact just for verification purposes. (This is the fourth step of the opt-out form)

Step 10: Tick on the check box given below text box:

It is for affirmation purposes by Whitepages.

Then click “call now to verify”: you would receive a call on your phone immediately and would also get provided with a verification code on your screen. (For proceeding the fourth step of the opt-out form)

Step 11: Now, just confirm your Whitepages’ listing removal, and you are done.

Answer the call, listen to the automated voice when asked, enter the verification code, and then wait until the call disconnects by itself. (This is the fifth step of the opt-out form)

After completing this, you will get your listing removed from Whitepages. Your screen will show you a confirmation message for the same.

Most probably, your details will get removed immediately. If not, you can check for your profile on Whitepages after 24 to 48 hours of completing the opt-outright-side form.

Finally, now you have your privacy maintained and information removed from Whitepages databases.

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