facebook What is Zero Ranking and How to Get Listed on Google?
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What is Zero Ranking and How to Get Listed on Google?

| September 13th, 2023 | 3276 Views

Are you a website owner wondering what zero ranking is and how to get listed on Google? A zero ranking refers to the ranking of pieces of information appearing on top of the results from a search engine. ‘Snippets’ is the name given to those pieces of information. You might have come across the term ‘snippets’ even if you have intervened a little bit in the discussions regarding SEO solutions for your organization. To ensure that your website has a good rank in Google, you should know the basics of these zero rankings and the enlistment of websites on Google.

The Significance of Such a Ranking

Now, you should know the significance of this ranking. Note that widgets are placed above all other information in the results of a search query. So they give the impression that this will be most useful. Information is brief and contains the facts that are relevant to the topic. The advantage is that in spite of not ranking one among all websites, your site gets featured in a snippet. It is then considered an expert in the subject of the search query.  Also, there have already been some surveys which have found that sites featuring in the snippets received a greater rate of click-through.

How you can Achieve a Zero Rank

Every site would want to get to that zero ranking position because it would increase the chances of viewing by manifold. Your website is surely not an exception. So go ahead and apply some features to your content that can give you that extra edge over other websites. You should add some simple questions to your page text. The information should be easy to find and should be in factual form. This implies that you should use more bullets and illustrations or graphs where necessary to relate the information. All this would raise the chances of your site featuring at the zero rank that you aspire.

Zero Rankings

Example how Google dispaly Zero Rankings

Get your Website Enlisted On Google

Google is the most popular of all search engines at present. Every organization wants its website listed on Google to increase the traffic. For this, you as the owner of a website must follow some steps. For this, you must first create a Google Webmaster tools account. This makes you access the webmaster tools of Google. After this, you add your site address to the account. Next Google wants to verify that you are the rightful owner of the website. You choose the HTML method of verification wherein you receive a code. Add this particular code on the webmaster tools line in your website’s ‘settings’ section.

Recognition by Googlebot

Now you also have to put your website for recognition on Googlebot which is used by Google to gather information about the data on the web. For this, there are also certain steps. The first step is to create a sitemap of your website. This sitemap is that document on the website server that enlists pages in the website. You now have to submit this sitemap to Google. The submission is performed by using Webmaster tools. Add your sitemap to the ‘sitemaps’ section of the webmaster tool. Thus now Google is aware of your website and knows about all the pages that you have added to it.

Make your Services Known To All

So now you know all about the zero rankings and how you can achieve that ranking. You have also known about how to enlist your site in Google and make it feature in the search engine results in the first place. With this, you will now perform all these operations efficiently and give your website that dream position among Google’s search results. Your organization is sure to benefit from this inclusion as your site would have more traffic. Thus all people will know about the services you offer.

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