facebook Why Personal Assistant Search Optimization (PASO) is the Next Big Things?
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Why Personal Assistant Search Optimization (PASO) is the Next Big Things?

| March 3rd, 2021 | 1626 Views

In the current scenario of information overload, thanks to the information technology invasion into our lives, Personal Assistant Search Optimization (PASO) is indeed the most important technological game changer. With this article, we have tried to answer all the basic questions.Personal Assistant Search Optimization (PASO)

Search Engine Optimization

Most organizations using digital marketing have been aware and practicing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So what exactly is SEO? SEO is following the set of rules so that the WebPages of a said company list among the top few searched pages for a particular set of keywords on Google. This means that the company needs to understand the Page rank technology so that the company’s webpage can come in the first few searches for a particular set of keywords. If the page slides to the adjacent page of search it would miss the competitive advantage as compared to others. This has been the trend of digital marketing. However, for any given set of keywords, numerous Web Pages are listed for the user who is trying to seek information. This creates problems for the user. What if a technology is innovated which would search the entire world of information and fish out the most relevant webpage which would serve the purpose of the user completely. This is Personal Assistant Search Optimization (PASO).

What is Personal Assistant Search Optimization?

Google Assistant is an example of Personal Assistant Search Optimization (PASO). While Google ranks a long list of web pages for a particular keyword, for e.g., best college of pharmacy in New Jersey; Google Assistant would list the one exclusive page which would engage all the relevant colleges for the user. It is most likely that the web page that Google Assistant lists is the first among the WebPages that Google lists. This is because this is the website which ranks #0 (Rank ZERO) in Page Rank technology. This rank #0  indicates the best choice for the given set of keywords.

How does PASO benefit?

Some of the major benefits of Personal Assistant Search Optimization (PASO) include:

  • Provides customized results: User surely benefits from the pin pointed and customized result matching their needs and requirements
  • Saves time: PASO saves time of the user by providing only the required information rather than searching the most suitable information from refined lists of information on a topic.
  • Increases efficiency and efficacy of the search: This certainly increases the efficiency and efficacy of the search produced by PASO and helps the in his/her research.
  • Reduces information clutter: PASO is basically reducing information clutter, thus giving increased focus on the required information alone

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