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Monthly Infographic – SEO Cheat for Facebook

| July 27th, 2022 | 1716 Views

SEO Cheat for Facebook

There is no denying that social media can sometimes be the primary tool for any strategy related to marketing strategy. There are many marketing strategies and some of them are quite expensive when you go through them, but SEO optimizing your Facebook is free and can earn you big benefits.

SEO Cheat for Facebook Business Page

Here are some quick hints on how you can SEO optimize your Facebook business page and reap tremendous results.

1. Use an Appropriate Name

If you want the correct kind of optimization for your Facebook page then you must choose an appropriate name for the page. You must remember that the name is permanent and so you must choose wisely. Also, the very first word contained in the name will be picked up by Google. You should also consider not over using generic keywords as they do not work. Applying too many generic keywords might make them seem like spam.  Use a name that will stand out as a brand.

2. You must Customize Your Vanity

You have to try and refrain from getting into any dynamic URL that comes along when you decide to sign up. On Facebook, you can always customize your own address and match it with the brand you are promoting. Add a name that is easy to memorize and unique. If you are able to match the brand name with your page’s title you will create more brand recognition. There is no question that any personalization will increase the visibility of your stain.

3. Use Keywords Wisely on your Business Page

Optimizing keywords are very important when you are utilizing a social platform. Place the target keywords in the most important parts of the business page. Try to include important keywords in the page title and in the section that says About us. You have to keep in mind that the name you assign to the page must match with the tag used in the title. The short description will also work as a meta description. You must make sure that you do not end up using a particular keyword too many times.  Stick to at least six of them and try to utilize them wisely.

4. Provide Information like Address and Phone Number on your Facebook page

A Facebook page will allow you to express your business hours, telephone number, location and nature of business on the main page. Then you must make cert

ain that you supply accurate details of your address that include zip, country, city and street address. Adding an address will make it easier for people to locate you on search engines. Google always prefers to list pages that supply specific contact.

Focus on the about us Section

You have to understand that when people visit your business page they will want to acquire the proper information about your company and so it is your duty to provide them with the real information. The about us category on your page should also mention the benefits that customers can avail while dealing with your organization and you should also mention the number of years that you are in the business. Write a description that is roughly 155 characters long just like a Meta description. However, you must make a selection from the categories mentioned below.

  • Community or cause
  • Entertainment
  • Public figure, artist or band
  • Product or brand
  • Institution, organization or company
  • Place or local business

You must remember to provide the link of your official website or even a landing page in the description. So you see that SEO techniques can be used to promote your business page on Facebook provided it is done in a systematic way, you can always consult an SEO Company to get the best results.