facebook Instacart Advertising: Your Guide To Scoring Big On This Platform
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Instacart Advertising: Your Guide To Scoring Big On This Platform

| May 26th, 2022 | 1248 Views

Instacart Advertising Services

Instacart is a rising grocery delivery and pick-up service company that provides these services via an app or website. It’s an up and coming retail platform with over 9.6 million active users in Canada and USA. What’s interesting is this platform allows individuals to let someone else do grocery shopping on their behalf, and pay them when the order gets delivered to their doorstep. As more businesses join this platform, it could become an interesting venture for businesses to sell their products through organic methods and Instacart advertising.

This blog serves as a tutorial for businesses to better sell their products on Instacart and get more customers via this rising platform. Read this blog in full to gain some real insight.

How Much Instacart Has Grown In The Recent?

Instacart is not just another grocery platform. The platform saw a 5 years rise in just 5 weeks as today it has partnerships with local, national, and regional retailers. In 2020 alone, the company added 200 partners.

Within 2020, the company saw massive growth and reached more than 5500 US cities. The major factor in the rise of this app was the pandemic when everything went online.

In recent times, Instacart has gone beyond groceries. They ended up striking major deals with Walgreens, Costco, and more of the like.

Hence, Instacart is a promising grocery app that if utilized well can allow businesses to sell groceries or major food items and reach their target customers more conveniently whether through organic methods or Instacart advertising.

How Shoppers And Sellers Can Use Instacart?

A user simply opens an app or website. After this, they enter their location, which then, the app displays nearby Instacart retailers to them. They select a retailer before browsing for categories and sales. A user can then add products and then pay for them as they would normally do.

 For businesses looking to sell products, they simply need to have their products on the shelf of one of the verified Instacart retailers. As long as a business has its products on a verified Instacart retailer, it can sell its products on the platform.

How To Successfully Advertise On Instacart?

If you’re a grocery business and want to become an Instacart ads partner, you can do so by facilitating product content that includes description, imagery, inventory, and more.

 Also, if a product is missing on Instacart that you have on a store/retailer shelf, there’s a possibility that the product hasn’t been listed by the retailer. In that case, speak to your retailer.

Coming to the advertising part, a seller doesn’t require a large set of retailers or a vast geographical reach. However, if you’re relying on organic reach, it depends. In a densely populated area such as San Francisco, with more than 5 SKUs, you have a chance of selling. However, in a less populated area, even a higher number might not work.

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Now, for advertising, any business that meets the in-store criteria can run ads on this platform. Here are some of the factors involved in Instacart advertising:

Keyword Targeting

Keywords are the search queries that people type to discover things. On the platform, individuals find products by typing keywords in the search bar. With relevant keyword optimization, a brand can get its products displayed on the platform in front of the target audience. Moreover, with products appearing for the correct keywords, there’s a higher chance of selling via this platform.

Ad Group Management

To boost coverage with your ads, potent ad group management is essential. With Instacart’s Featured product Ads in the search results, your products can appear in one of them, if the campaign is appropriately set up.

To run multiple ads to appear in the search results, ad group management is the key. A professional PPC company can assist you with setting the right campaign on Instacart. You can also set up an in-house team of experts if you wish not to outsource your campaign.

Bid Placing

Like most paid advertisements on the web, a seller has to place bids on the target keywords to display their products for that specific keyword. Thus, managing bids is a skill that requires expertise and knowledge, or else your campaign budget can prove to be gunk.

Strategic bid management is required that pushes the right products in front of the target audience. With a well adjusted bid during Instacart advertising, you can pay the correct amount for your target keywords.

Budget Management

It’s possible to set up a daily budget with Instacart instead of spending it all at once. You can control what you’re spending on a daily as a seller. With Instacart ads, you can modulate what you spend every day.

Again, expert campaign management assistance is necessary to run and manage these ad budgets. You don’t have to pay super high, and not super low but just the right amount to get your target products the visibility it deserves.

Lastly, it’s important to develop a personalized Instacart campaign depending on the position and the budget that you have. There’s no approved way to set up a robust campaign. You can either get PPC services from a PPC advertising firm or set up your internal team to manage it by yourself.

Featured Products Budgeting In Instacart

Paced Spending and Max Impressions are the two available options today. Both these types of campaigns depend on the end date of your campaign and the total budget.

Max Impressions: With this setup, your products will be visible as much as possible until the entire budget gets exhausted. This is likely to work for products that are less picked on such as special goods, or items that are new to Instacart.

Paced Spending: This arrangement takes the end date of the campaign and the total budget and divides them by the length of time. For consistency in the campaign, this is the best approach to opt for.

Also, you can get daily emailed reports to help you manage your budgets containing all the essential data of the campaign. Moreover, when a campaign end date is reached, you do not require to end the campaign and build one again. Re-start the former campaigns with new settings and budget, and get going.


Instacart is an on the rise app that if you’ll advertise well on can give you positive results. Just be mindful of how the platform works and mold accordingly. As a rising platform, it can certainly open new ventures for grocery sellers. Hop on the trend and be there first.

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