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Know about your Favorite Podcast Tools

| February 27th, 2019 | 1253 Views

Podcasts are riding high on popularity over the last few years. According to current market trends, podcasting will experience a massive growth in the following years. The time is not far when you will just hop into your vehicle and turn on podcasts in place of radio.

In a nutshell, podcasting seems to offer the next-generation music listening experience to ardent listeners. But that won’t certainly be possible without top-quality podcasting tools. If you wish to upgrade your existing podcasting equipment or consider a brand new one, here’s a list we would like to share.

Highly popular and leading podcasters have certain recommendations in this context. From recording to editing, there are quite a few helpful resources and tools for podcasters. Take a look at the most popular podcasting tools, especially recommended by experts.


As a podcast scheduling service, this particular tool or resource perfectly synchronizes with your Google calendar. Your podcast guests will get to view ‘My Calendar’ availability alongside using drop-down for viewing times. The tool also helps in scheduling meetings for recording.


Recommended and used by Jay Baer, this particular resource helps in transcribing podcasts. The transcribed podcasts can then be posted on ConvinceAndConvert.com.


Another hot favorite of Jay Baer, Candidio is best for post-production editing.

Slack & Asana

These resources prove to be highly beneficial in managing and producing podcasts. They also turn out to be highly useful while communicating with podcast editing team.

With a brief account of these podcast tools, let us move forward to discussing some highly useful podcast recording tools.

  • Skype: With widespread use and popularity, Skype seems to be one of the greatest Podcast recording resources. With a standard and paid Skype account, you will have the liberty of speaking to your guests at predetermined times. Skype also helps you engage in group calls.
  • Blue Yeti Mic: These tools render the most useful assistance in recording high-quality podcasts.
  • eCamm Call Recorder: It happens to be an integral part of Skype. The best part of this tool is that it helps podcasters in recording split-screen videos.

Other than video editing, podcast creation also involves audio production as well as podcast hosting. Quite naturally, there will be high-end tech resources for these tasks too. Nuendo and Blubrry are two of essential tools for video editing and podcast hosting respectively.

With these highly practical tech resources, podcasting will seem to be a fun, exciting, and entertaining affair.