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How Marketers Can Use Social Media Marketing Services in 2017

| September 7th, 2021 | 1596 Views


Image Source: Digital Information World

In the field of social media marketing, addressing the potential changes is rather a crucial task. Even if you are an expert, still working on the future strategies is not that easy. The field of Social Media Marketing is rather flexible, and looking for the finest changes will call for deep and intense research. However, some calculative means and productive methods can help you to check on the current trends revolving around social media marketing, in 2017.

In the field of social media marketing, Facebook is the king. It has already dominated video, media usage, and even advertising to a completely new level and it is not going to change, anytime soon. Even though Whatsapp and Instagram are going to some huge client base, still Facebook remains at the top. So, using this platform as your best marketing vase is always going to help you earn some profitable results. But before you give your complete dedication towards this marketing trend, do not forget to check your customer expectation first.

  • Live Video Content Addition:

Even in the field of social media marketing, live video content has created a place of its own. It is already on the rise, and within few more years, it is said to dominate the other circles of social media. Recent statistics have indicated that nearly 14% of marketers have experimented with video content in 2016, and the result was immense. So, it won’t be wrong to state that this medium is going to be a lively trend in the upcoming years too.

  • Leaning Towards Messaging Apps:

Now, when it comes to brands, you will be grateful to know that they are inclining more towards messaging apps. Each brand will come up with a mobile-friendly messaging app. And the current record states that more than 4 billion users have already registered their names with these apps. So, this is another feather in the cap of social media usage.

  • Paying to Go Social:

The social advertisement was already on the hike, and it is stated to hike more in 2017. It will help advertisers to come up with some latest options, around here. It is stated that special advertising can easily project an amount of around $11 billion in this year. And if you see the previous calculations, then in 2013, it made a cumulative amount of $6.1 billion. So, this rise is going to create a massive blow.

  • New Communicative Areas will Come Across:

Social media was stated as the oldest method of promising communication among people. And with brand incorporation, social media will speak out for them, too. Some social media segments are likely to evolve as the new communicative areas.  These will help in increasing significance and exchange interactivity, too. So, 2017 is a platform, where you might come across growth of various communicative ways, too.

These changes are not short-lived and will change the entire social media marketing strategies. These are basic changing trends in 2017, but these points can always work a lot way. There are some more, which can be added to the list.