facebook Mobile Ecommerce: Facts, Trends & Statistics You Should Know
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Mobile Ecommerce: Facts, Trends & Statistics You Should Know

| November 24th, 2022 | 1387 Views

Mobile usage has exploded in recent years, and this has had a significant impact on our daily lives. Every activity has changed dramatically, from the way we socialize to, especially, the way we purchase. Smartphones are now ubiquitous, and they are necessary when shopping. Mobile phones are our go-to device for comparing pricing, reading reviews, purchasing an item, or finding a location. As a result, mobile phones play an important role in our shopping habits.

In this regard, the blog will cover the most recent information, figures, and trends in mobile e-commerce that you should be aware of. This should give you a good understanding of where mobile e-commerce is right now and where it’s headed in the coming years.

Mobile E-Commerce Trends And Statistics To Be Aware Of

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In recent, there are several mobile e-commerce trends one should know about. Here are some of the major trends and statistics which are stated below are:

  • As per estimations, from 2021, the number of E-commerce consumers will rise by 10% from 3.8 billion.
  • In 2021, retail e-commerce sales saw a 27.5% boost in comparison to 2020.
  • In recent times, the number of mobile E-commerce purchases in the US have increased from 2% to 8%.
  • By comparison, the percentage of online visits to online retailers increased twofold from a mobile device from the year 2020 to 2021. Whereas in comparison, the PC percentile saw a drop from 96% to 90% for 2020 and 2021.
  • 84% of households own a smartphone in the US.

Here are the reasons why people prefer shopping online in numbers:-

  1. 73% of individuals feel that it’s time-saving.
  2. 69% feel it’s easy to find good deals as well as they find it handy to do everything on the go when using mobile for shopping.
  3. 63% find it convenient while multi-tasking, whereas 55% find the online shopping experience better than offline shopping.
  • An average order value in the US is 85 USD on a smartphone in the year 2020.
  • The average conversion rate is 1.0% as of March 2022.
  • Approximately 74% of online retailers have either developed or are developing a mobile strategy, whereas, 48% already have a mobile-optimized website.

What Is Mobile E-commerce All About?

Mobile E-commerce is all about searching for products and placing orders in online stores with the help of mobile devices. Apart from shopping, one can use mobiles for online banking, using apps of different types, and lots more.

However, the thing is while shopping from a phone, push notifications, single-click checkouts, different payment options make the online shopping experience smooth. Because of such ease, customers tend to repeat orders.

With a mobile app, when a business offers free shipping, economical product pricing, lucrative deals, it has the chance of getting viral.

Why Mobile E-commerce Is Necessary For An Online Selling Business?

The reasons why mobile e-commerce may be required for an online business are:

1. Customized User Experience

A user-friendly and robust mobile app can offer a seamless and personalized user experience. To acquire target customers, apps even offer push notifications, social media integration, and more to create a smooth user experience that feels more personalized rather than generalized.

2. Increased Revenue

Mobile e-commerce sales are on a continuous rise and especially, during the pandemic, they skyrocketed. Individuals find it easy to search the item they require plus shopping on mobile e-commerce apps makes it smooth to shop for any individual.

A convenient ordering process, fast checkout, and an overall easy to interact interface allow any online selling business to boost revenues that can meet customer demands in a moment.

3. Clear Market Analytics

Analytics is a useful way to learn about buyers’ behavior and patterns. E-commerce companies can use digital analytics data and drive their mobile campaigns based on it. This way companies can offer personalized offers catering just to a specific individual. This vastly increases the chances of conversions, which leads to boosted sales and revenue.

4. Advanced Marketing Chances

With the help of mobile e-commerce, it’s possible to directly communicate with the target customers. You can even integrate offers with social media platforms. All in all, it’s easy to promote products, advertise the brand consistently, persuade individuals to share opinions, post comments or like, and more. Hence, it vastly improves other branding or marketing opportunities.

 However, with all the advantages there are certain problems that individuals face while mobile shopping. Overcoming these can prove to be helpful for any business. Some standard problems faced while shopping with mobile are:

  • Required to enlarge the screen to click.
  • Cumbersome check-out process.
  • Lacking product information.
  • The texts are small.
  • Limited functionality on mobile.
  • Increased loading time.

Some More E-Commerce Facts To Gaze At

  • The number of mobile shoppers are expected to rise to 187 million by 2024.
  • Approximately 80% of shoppers use mobile phones to check reviews, compare prices, and locate other locations.
  • In e-commerce, the share of m-commerce has increased to 9%.
  • North America and Europe are expected to be the top countries in the m-commerce between 2020 and 2024.
  • By 2024, voice sales can generate $7.4 trillion in revenues.
  • 54% of users search for new products and services with the help of social media.
  • 55% of customers have made a purchase online after finding the product on social media.

Mobile E-Commerce Trends That Are Popular Right Now

There are some trends in the industry that an individual should be aware of some of which are discussed below:

1. Voice Search

Voice search has become the norm in modern search as individuals don’t like typing the search query. Therefore, a business should focus on incorporating voice search as it makes the online shopping experience smooth for a user. It’s possible with voice search to easily complete the shopping process. You can search for products, add them to a cart, make orders, and track them as well. Therefore, it’s paramount to optimize the mobile app for voice searches and any business should be thoroughly invested in providing this feature to its customers.

2. Single-Click Order

With single-click orders, customers don’t have to enter profile details again and again. The customer profile gets saved in the data. Default shipping address and payments modes are also selected and saved. The trend is also likely to stay as it allows a user to save time as repeatedly asking basic informational questions from users tends to infuriate them. They usually leave because of the slow, and tiring process. With single click orders, the operations become smooth and an e-commerce app can function at its optimum.

3. AI-Powered Chatbots

With AI-powered chatbots, any business can give quality customer support to consumers without spending much. Chatbots can reply 24/7 to fix customer queries, assist them with anything, and more. A chatbot makes it easy for the customer to chat with the business. Chatbots can communicate just like humans and can offer customers a personalized experience.

Even more, a highly competent chatbot can help customers choose a product, order them, re-order and even know the delivery time by chatting.

4. Progressive Web Apps(PWA)

With the help of a PWA, the users can install a website and use it as an app. These apps function like native apps and therefore, occupy less space on the device. The benefits of such an app include push notifications, quick loading time, offline access, instant updates, and more which helps a user receive a personalized and quick shopping experience.

The app can be installed from the web browser and the users can access it with the help of smart phone’s home screen. Therefore, with this, a website works like an app making it easy for customers to place an order, and track it. Therefore, by adding the best features to an e-commerce app one can easily get more customers and gain profits.

5. Augmented Reality(AR)

AR is not just about games anymore. The experience is now expanding to other life adventures as well. An online store owner can provide users an interactive experience, and display their products with ease with help of AR. Therefore, with the help of mobile phones, users can try a product before buying anything. With this special feature, a customer can see if an item suits them before purchasing it.

For instance, an eyewear shop can aid customers to try a variety of glasses without visiting the physical store. Thus, giving user-centric experiences helps an e-commerce business to expand and increase its revenue by employing AR on its e-commerce app.


These statistics and facts point to the fact that mobile e-commerce is on a rise and will continue to grow. Every e-commerce business needs to meet customers’ expectations. Hence, every e-commerce business needs to include the trends that are mentioned in this blog. Mobile e-commerce is the dawn of a new shopping era, and every e-commerce business should jump onto it, or else they are missing out on valuable conversions, and sales.

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