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How SEO Has Changes In Last 5 Years?

| August 12th, 2022 | 5102 Views

The process of getting traffic on search engines on a free result page is SEO. A lot of technical and creative aspects are required for the optimization of the search engine. All the popular search engines display search results. The web page which appears later in the search engine result is likely to get less number of visitors. But on the other hand, the web page appearing earlier in search engine result is likely to attract more visitors. People are always making an attempt to make their web page appear at the top. The SEO scenario has undergone a lot of changes in the last five years.

    • As part of a successful SEO strategy, the importance of content marketing cannot be overlooked. Having good quality content with keywords is an essential part of search engine optimization. Google has enforced strict methods so that poor quality websites do not appear at the top.
    • Any deliberate attempt to influence your ranking with links is commonly known as a scheme. Thus willful manipulation of any sort to get top ranking of your web page is considered as a scheme. Google has penalized people practicing spam based link building. Now you can influence your ranking with only natural links. Purchasing and selling links, cross-linking is not encouraged. Now the emphasis is on the quality of the content your web page is offering.
    • Local SEO has gone through a lot of changes since 2006. The biggest update was the Pigeon Update in 2014. Google’s focus moved into the ranking algorithm. Google enhanced the visibility of high-authority directory websites. There has been a small change to the local carousel layout. Owing to mobile devices, location specific searches over the past few years have become very popular.
    • There have been a lot of changes in the Search Engine Result Page. Some of the changes are considerably smaller while some of them are significant changes. Now, the display of the result page is quicker and the ads that are visible to the users are native mainly.
    • Google’s Knowledge Graph first arrived in 2012. The Knowledge Graph system makes an attempt to develop a thorough understanding of the people, things associated with them and places. It tries to connect all of them. Graph Boxes are provided within its display results. The users are exposed to more results than before. The Graph Boxes help in searching the concepts of the query words. It helps in improving the search results by working from behind.
    • The increase in the usage of mobile phones has encouraged Google to optimize mobile-friendly websites. The mobile-friendly update by Google occurred in two different phases.
    • The name of the update that Google launched is Hummingbird. The search results are optimized to reap effective results. It is designed in such a way, that focusing is not on a single word. It has done away with the concept of matching keywords. Instead, the whole sentence or the meaning is taken into consideration.
    • Earlier the pacing of the updates was given more importance. Now with the introduction of Panda, the emphasis is on comparatively small updates, which are inconspicuous and do not have any significant impact.

 Recognition of Quality is the Current Trend

To be a successful online marketer you have to understand the history of SEO. It is necessary to know the origin and the changes in SEO in the past few years. SEO Services will continue to change from time to time. Currently, SEO is considering content with new thoughts and information. Google is trying its best to do away with poor quality web pages. It will make SEO more powerful. In today’s SEO world, recognition of quality is the keyword.

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