facebook Top 5 SEO Ranking Factors That Will Work in 2018
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Top 5 SEO Ranking Factors That Will Work in 2018

| October 15th, 2018 | 1462 Views

Have you been wondering about ways to rank the website you possess? The algorithms of search engines undergo changes now and then. In fact, with the passage of days, it is becoming complex incredibly. Many may be claiming that the SEO is non-functional but in reality, it is not. with every business’s focus on the world going social you must be wondering as to how there is just one genius who is capable of standing out and getting free traffic when everyone makes payment for it. This is because the reality is that you have to stop relying only on traffic and pay attention to these ranking factors mentioned below.

  1. Technical Factors

There are many technical factors which play a major role in the ranking of the website. The very first thing is anchor text because of anchor text that exactly matches have the strong influence on the rankings. You may risk a single Penguin Penalty if the appearance of the links is spammy or unnatural. You have to make sure that anchor text backlinks are organic as well as diverse. Another thing is the headings where there are more landing pages with H2 and H1 source codes this year. Search metrics have revealed that there is a strong correlation between the usage of a higher rank and H2. Lastly, the HTTPS encryption plays a major role in ranking as opposed to the websites with HTTP counterparts.

  1. Indexing with Mobile-First

One of the biggest changes includes the shifting of Google towards indexing with mobile-first. Therefore, it means that Index of Google primarily is crawling the website’s mobile version opposed to the version of the desktop. Mobile SEO optimization has become an extremely crucial factor for ranking. It has been found that most of the domains visible have domains that are mobile-friendly. Thus, it will hold more importance when content is far more responsive on mobile platforms which are identical to the desktop site’s content. Since mobile friendliness is the prevailing norm therefore as per Google’s criteria you must think about not just being mobile friendly but mobile first.

  1. Backlinks

Backlinks have always been an important factor for ranking on Google but with the passage of time Google has learned weeding out bad links from the good ones. More links result in higher score however it must be from authoritative and diverse domains. Key to building strong link campaigns is creating content that shall be craved by people. After creation of the content, it must be promoted relentlessly. When other authorities from industries read and started linking to the content Google shall read backlinks’ anchor text that is matching and finally considers the content relevant. After the content having earned backlinks of high-quality you shall gain three ranking signals that include the diversity of links, link authority and backlinks number.

  1. Content

Content is one of the most vital factors associated with Google’s ranking and this is the reason that people all over the world have witnessed the shift from content that is keyword focused to the relevant ones in natural language. Hence, as per many studies, it has been found that Google is stressing more about content that has articulate and relevant content than the ones that have individual keywords.

  1. Schema Markup

For simplification of data presentation, Google has made the introduction of brain rank which typically simplifies the entire process. Various tools of the software and people must understand languages. Schema markup is the advanced system of identifying language which enables users to check recent updates and data without using online translators.

Understanding The Restrictions

These five factors shall help you to understand the places where you are lacking and work accordingly. Any site which is replete with materials that are plagiarized does not get good rankings. Webmasters thus play an important role in accelerating rates of SERP for site optimization along with accelerating web traffic.

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