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Top App Store Optimization Tools We Must Use in 2018

| August 25th, 2022 | 1334 Views

How do you propose to get noticed from among millions of apps? You need to get a feel for the pulse of the potential customers. You have to get a clear idea of what motivates people. Your objective is to attain the topmost slot in the search engine. A vast majority of the people start searching for a specific task in mind. After viewing an ad, there are quite a few people who begin their searching operations.

Some leading tools

You should take resort to app search optimization to reach out to potential users. Let us go through some of the app store optimization tools.

  • Concentrate on the reviews

In many of the one-stop app shops, reviews play an important role. The potential customers go through the reviews carefully before taking any downloading decision. So reviews are visible sections which have a significant impact on the users. Just as positive comments are helpful in the same way do not ignore the negative comments. If there is anything wrong with any aspect of the application, then get it fixed as soon as possible. You should inform the users about this fix too. You should always address the negative feedback as quickly as possible. If your hands are full, you should hire a suitable professional for this job.

  • Promotion of your application

The popular idea is that users can be found only in the app stores. However, you can utilize the social media platforms for the promotion of your apps. You should provide links to the store where interested people can download it. Before promoting your app on these media platforms make sure that the icons are appealing and the contents are informative and engaging. You can use videos as part of your promotional campaigns. If videos are used in combination with the description, they are capable of churning out more effective results.

  • Ensure placement in the right category

To attain success, make sure that the app is placed in the appropriate category. The convenience of the users should always be kept in mind. There may be numerous categories suitable for your purpose. If you are baffled about the selection process, then you should examine all the categories and select the one that is the least competitive of all. This step will provide you a scope of getting a top berth in search engines.

  • Make updates at regular intervals

In the review section, you will get feedback from customers. These are valuable tools which you should utilize in improving relations with customers. The users feel appreciated when they see that their opinions are taken into consideration seriously, and real modifications are made based on some of their comments. You should introduce a section which will give details of any new aspect along with the updates.

Monitor the keywords

Do not be disappointed even after following all the tips your app is still not being able to achieve the desired results. You have to keep in mind that ASO is time-consuming. Observe the keyword rankings and think of substituting them with a new set if they fail to make it to the top ten slot. If these tools are implemented properly, you will start to see the results.