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Vital Google Marketing Tools You Should Not Miss

| July 25th, 2023 | 1819 Views

Google marketing tools

About 3.5 billion searches are happening on Google per day. But Google is not just a search engine now, but it can offer businesses many competitive advantages on marketing on this platform. There are numerous business tools offered by Google, which can be highly valuable to business marketers.

Top Google Marketing tools for businesses

There are numerous tools offered by Google, which serve different purposes and offer marketers a competitive advantage in making better results. This article will discuss a few top tools, which are essential for every marketer to know and try.

Google My Business

If you want to spread the word about your business on Google for free, Google My Business is the place to be at. To leverage it, all you need to do is to claim your business name on Google My Business listing, which will be further featured in the specific search results and on Google Maps. This is very important for local businesses to be listed on local searches. This is considered a basic requirement for any business to be on Google My Business, and if you do not, you are missing some big advantages.

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Google+ Pages

With the elimination of Google Authorship and Google +1s from the search results, the jury is now out about maintaining active Google+ Business Pages if you are a global business. This being said, given the massive coverage of Google, it offers an opportunity for all types of businesses to have a safe spot at Google+ pages, which is good even if you update it only often. It is much easier to create and maintain a business page at Google+.

However, if you run a local business, then setting up and maintaining a Google+ Page may go well with maintaining and monitoring your Google My Business profile. Considering that Google My Business will also include a link to the Google+ business page, it is worth putting in some extra effort to make your Google+ page good enough to be shared. You may try to learn more about optimizing the Google+ business page and the benefits it brings forth.

Webmaster tools on Google

If you want to gain some better insight into your website about how Google views it, you may simply set up a Google Webmaster account to leverage the tools. Webmaster tools will give you alerts on the red flags, which may prevent your website from being round in the search results. It will also help you analyze the existing traffic so that you will better understand how your prospective visitors find you the most and optimize those.

Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms

Suppose you are collaborating with your enterprise projects with other members of your team. In that case, Google Suite can offer you a fine collection of many tools, including Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms, which you can use as typical desktop sharing software. The purpose of each is described below.

  • Google docs for collaboration Word documents.
  • Google Sheets as spreadsheets on Excel
  • Google Slides for PPT presentations
  • Google Forms to collect and correlate survey responses

You may consider Google Suite’s usage for sharing and collaboration of the marketing data and analyze the information. You can incorporate any form of data, including blog post drafts, e-book, blog posts, marketing slides, survey, or poll data for analysis. Being a shared platform, all this information can be saved automatically and can be accessed from anywhere through any device in real-time.

Google AdWords

The marketers who want to give a boost to their organic marketing efforts and to get a jumpstart in terms of search engine rankings, it is worth trying out Google AdWords, which is the pay-per-click advertising platform of Google. In Google AdWords, you may create a targeted ad with top keywords related to the business and make it appear above the organic search while people search with related keywords. The cost of Google AdWords Ads depends on the competitiveness of the keywords used and your target audience. With this, you have to only pay for the actual clicks on your ad

However, AdWords is an expensive tool for marketing, and unlike organic marketing, it may offer some instant gains in terms of return on investment. If used smartly with organic SEO, PPC can surely help you to bring in more results. You may test various keyword variations while trying PPC and updating the content to gain quality traffic. For more advantages of using Google tools, you can refer to the Flosum website.

Google Keyword Planner

If you are planning for SEO services or even Google AdWords, the Keyword Planner is an essential tool to do Keyword research. It will help you identify the top keywords in your niche field and rightly target your audience based on their possible searches. Google AdWords Keyword Planner is an advanced tool that can help users plan for their most effective AdWords campaigns and help identify new keywords for organic marketing strategies. Remember that you need to create a Google AdWords account to use the Keyword Planner tool, but it does not mean that you have to create paid ads to start using Keyword Planner.

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DoubleClick Search

Like Google AdWords, DoubleClick Search is also another excellent tool to help with your search engine marketing efforts. DoubleClick is also a Google suite for advertisers to measure their ads’ relevance and target them in the right spaces. The purpose of this search tool is to close the loop of their marketing efforts between the display and search to use both these channels in a balanced way. This tool will also help marketers to understand which keywords they have to target based on the nature of the audience they are aiming at and how consumer behavior changes over time.

Along with these, you have many other advanced tools too from Google as Google Trends, Google Drive, Google Alerts, Google News, Google Voice, Google Calendar, Google Meet, Google Analytics, Google FeedBurner, YouTube, and Google AdSense, to name a few more. However, not everyone may need all the tools we discussed here, but while you use the right set of tools in the apt combination, it will surely make your business much smarter and more efficient.

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