facebook Ways To Choose A Domain Name For Optimum SEO
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Ways To Choose A Domain Name For Optimum SEO

| July 24th, 2023 | 1704 Views

It is all very exciting for anyone of you that is about to start a whole new business online. From designing a page to taking care of technicalities, each and every factor has its role to play in making your website a successful one in the search engine result list. When your primary target is to manipulate the web spiders to bring out the best result for your websites, there are certain things that you need to take care of while settling on your domain name.

It might sound serious but, picking up the right one is sure an exciting job altogether. Choosing the wrong domain name means that you are in trouble that is why are some key points that you need to highlight to bring out the best.

The vital points that you need to lay emphasis on are:

Saying No To EMD

People that are new in the world of SEO have the tendency to select the exact match domain that includes the keyword phrase of your website itself. People also call it Keywords Domains. This practice was quite common in the past before Google noticed the fact and launched a counterattack that drastically pulled down the ranking of such websites. It is not an excellent option when you want to go up in the rank of SEO listings.

Using the Brand Name Instead

If you want to play safe, then one of the simplest solutions is to choose your brand name in the place of a domain name. On asking why the solution is so, then it is simply because it is your brand name that is going to give you visibility on the Internet and customers are going to know you by that while searching. Through navigational search and brand signals, your brand name will fetch you the traffic that you deserve.

Relevance of Target Keywords

There is much buzz about keywords when you are choosing a domain name or as a matter of fact when you are doing anything that is related to SEO. But in reality, the truth is much different. Google will learn to associate your brand name with the keywords when your brand will grow in popularity. At the same time producing the right content does matter.

Apart from all these, there are also certain other factors that you need to keep in mind is incorporate numbers in your domain names and avoid using spellings that are usually misspelled.

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