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Why You Should Not Opt for Cheap SEO services?

| July 24th, 2023 | 1904 Views

Why You Should Not Opt for Cheap SEO services

Our Managing Director has share her views on this topic “Looking for cheap SEO services” in her personal blog….

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On day to day basis, I come across several calls / emails wherein people have been cheated by some or other mushroom sized company & Freelancer on the name of CHEAP SEO. Some clients actually judge the entire country based on their poor experience with such “so called Professionals”. I do understand that it’s easy to fall in the trap named “CHEAP” but let’s understand that there is nothing FREE OR CHEAP in this beautiful world.

Let’s quickly cover few points that will allow you to distinguish between a genuine SEO company from a Cheap Company:

Whats their USP: 

Just being Cheap is not an USP! Cheap is a just marketing gimmick use to gain attention. So, when you come across a company that claims to be the cheapest then please do bother investing in few more minutes in doing a quick research around their name & reviews about them. This will truly help you gain the level of trust before initiating business.


This is another important point. If the company claims to be established, they should have a team too. Isn’t it? In fact, doing a team check is so easy these days. Platforms like Facebook & LinkedIn come quite handy here. Just enter the name of company & there you are!! Try visiting their Photo section to see if you can really find a team there. If you are on LinkedIn, you can again search for them over LinkedIn & see people working under different designations. These are 2 ways to really determine that if you are dealing with a genuine company or just a random professional claiming to be a company.


KPIs aka Key Performance Indicators. Considering that you have hired a company to do SEO. SEO (if good) will yield some results too. The point here is that have you been told about performance parameters to watch for? Are they promising practical yet achievable goals or some fancy magical scenarios? If there is a slightest of doubt, I will truly suggest you to stop & do your research before moving forward.

Cheap SEO never deliver results

I am sorry but that’s true! SEO is not cheap. It can never be cheap. You ask me why? Well, because SEO requires a lot of Quality work & Quality work requires Good Resource & time. Good Resource & time are not cheap these days so SEO is NOT cheap. Some people will surely debate over using tools & getting results but it results achieved are far from reality. The link building tools only work wonders for businesses in Niche market & not for competitive domains. So, think again before you look for Cheap SEO.

Well, these were my few observations that I wanted to share with people looking for Cheap services. Please understand that SEO packages are not made in thrift stores & involve lot of manual, strategic & time consuming efforts & no matter how one desperately tries can never offer High Quality Cheap SEO services. There is actually no term like that. My only advice to people looking for SEO services and have limited budgets is that please hold on to branding unless you have identified the company that believes in Quality because it takes a long time to replace the Bad work done by Cheap SEO service provider & you as a Business owner would not like to risk your brand for it or would you??

So what’s your thought around the topic, we will be happy to hear that!

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